High scores and Z-scores for NetHack and other variants hosted here at Hardfought. These update every few minutes as it pulls new data from each games’ xlogfile.

For an all-encompassing scoreboard of all NetHack variants across all active online servers around the world, please visit Mandevil’s ‘NetHack Scoreboard’ at

NetHack 3.4.3-hdf:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

NetHack 3.6.2-hdf:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

GruntHack 0.2.4:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

dNetHack 3.16.0:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

UnNetHack 5.3.1:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

SporkHack 0.6.5:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

NetHack 4 4.3.0:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

NetHack Fourk  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

FIQhack 4.3.1:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

DynaHack 0.6.0:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

Slash’EM Extended 2.3.2:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

xNetHack 0.4.0:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores

SpliceHack 0.6.1:  Top Scores  /  Z-Scores