RC Editor

Currently down, will be functional again soon.

Web-based RC file editor for all of Hardfought’s NetHack version 3 based games and variants. The links below take you to which games’ RC file you need to edit. You must authenticate with your dgamelaunch (dgl) credentials to edit your RC file – you’ll be prompted for your login credentials (if not already authenticated) as you click on each link.

NOTICE – an RC config file has to exist for the editor to work. If you’ve never started a game for a particular variant, the editor won’t have an RC file to grab onto. Start a game and immediately save, you’ll then have a base RC config file to edit.

‘The November NetHack Tournament’ RC Editor

NetHack 3.4.3-hdf RC Editor

NetHack 3.6.2-hdf RC Editor

GruntHack 0.2.4 RC Editor

dNetHack 3.16.0 RC Editor

UnNetHack 5.3.1 RC Editor

SporkHack 0.6.5 RC Editor

Slash’EM Extended 2.3.2 RC Editor

xNetHack 0.4.0 RC Editor

SpliceHack 0.6.0 RC Editor

Slash’EM 0.0.8E0F2 RC Editor