Hardfought loses to System Error in round 3

By K2 on April 8th, 2006 at 2:51 am EST

The ride was fun while it lasted. This past Thursday evening, Hardfought played their final match this season against System Error (#3 seed) on de_cpl_mill. We started CT side, and won the first half 9-6, but System Error turned up the heat and nearly shut us down second half 10-1 before it was all over… of course HF did do a dualie-only rush at one point, and Mayo said he got a kill with ’em, so maybe that’s bonus points for style perhaps? Hah :-P Final score: 16-10 SE. Good game SE, and we’ll see ya next season in CAL-Main.

CAL-M wont start til the end of May, so the team is taking a much-deserved break for a bit. We reached our goals of making the playoffs and making it into Main… so making the top 16 and looking forward to competing next season with some great teams was an excellent way to finish for the team. Myself, I leave soon for a five-week long training deployment in the Mojove desert, and wont be back til the next season starts. I promised the guys I’d have a public roster up soon, so I will try to have that ready by the time we debut in Main.

MVP goes to EatMoreLead, cuz he always likes to bitch about us having one. Congrats Brian ;-)