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Hardfought CS:S Clan is no more

By K2 on August 17th, 2006 at 11:13 pm EST

The drama just doesn’t stop around here, does it? rofl…

A few days ago, Burzum sends me a message about how Shade and bl0wn wanted more control over the clan in CAL, and also over the match server that Burzum had leased out from NFO. While Burzum relinquished control of the match server over to Shade, he still decided to keep control as manager of the clan, and stated his reasons as to why. So Shade, bl0wn, and the majority of the clan decided to use a type of override within the CAL system. This override allows 80% or more of members in whatever clan to vote out their team manager, and to elect a new one. I was under the impression that this was in place in case of managers that drop off the face of the planet. I didn’t think you could do this to an *active* manager. Learn the hard way I guess, yeah? So in essence, they kicked Burzum out of his manager role, and hijacked the team.

So then earlier today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone), Shade posts a message in the clan forum, stating that the clan wishes to go their separate ways. Which is fine, no hard feelings, if they wanna leave and start their own clan, that’s perfectly fine. But the reasoning wasn’t quite all there, little things like ‘K2 didn’t make a roster for us’… ok, my bad, I admit. Eh? And when I asked them to relinquish control of the manager spot back to Burzum, things started to get ugly (read: bl0wn). I didn’t think it was fair for them to keep their spot in CAL-M under my name. If they want to form a new clan, they can, but to keep their spot in the league under an organization that they feel they can do without… well, I didn’t think that was fair. It started gettin’ ugly when I voiced my opinion about that (again, bl0wn). What really sucks about all this, is that they shut out the one guy who worked the hardest, from day one, to keep the clan together, and who saw them grow from a fledgling team, all the way to where they’re at now. If the old members of Hardfought wanna take shots at me, sling some mud, whatever… hey, bring it. But stabbing Burzum in the back like this is not what I thought these guys were about. It’s shit like this is why I never really wanted to host a clan in the first place. But I always let you all talk me into doin’ shit I don’t wanna do… lol.

How does this affect the community? Hardly at all. Most of the players on what the team had become, weren’t ‘regs’. Not that that’s bad, or that a lot of ’em weren’t nice guys (quite a few of ’em are, in fact)… it’s just that there was a very apparent separation. You had the community, and then ya had the clan. Not a whole lot of interaction between the two, save for one or two people. When I first announced that Hardfought was going to host a team, it was made up of people who frequented the server… of people who enjoyed the game and enjoyed playing as a team with the same group of friends, on the same server. Over time, it got away from being ‘fun’ to being ‘competitive’. So much so, that in order to bring in players that were highly skilled (my favorite phrase was ‘a solid 5th’), we started bringing in people that weren’t from the community. I blame myself for letting that happen :-( I was tellin’ Burz justa couple hours ago, it’s like a Catch 22. You wanna make a fun clan that can relax and just play… but no one has fun losing, and if you stay relaxed and don’t practice that much, you’re going to lose more often than not. So in order to win, you start getting more strict, more practice times, and it just snowballs. I should make the clan forum public someday, you wouldn’t believe the amount of posts that exist concerning no-shows for practices (and matches! rofl), arguments over when to practice and on what days… the list goes on and on. It’s a fuckin’ mess. Again, I blame myself for letting things get out of control, and away from what it was initially intended to be.

So, that’s that. Best of luck to those of ya that decided to leave, and form a new clan.

Weeks 5 and 6

By K2 on August 1st, 2006 at 5:39 am EST

Week 5.1 was the first Forfiet Loss in Hardfought’s 4 season history. Match 5.2 was a 22-8 loss against Clan[eX]. The clan lost their next match by default against Counter Strike Elite. Week 6.2 was a 19-11 win against mind the addiction in which LogiK (Hardfought’s newest member) was challenged for hacking and vindicated!

Week 7 is already underway with a loss to Extempore 23-7. Mouse-1 is Hardfought’s next scheduled match. Wish them luck!

Week 4 Report

By K2 on July 4th, 2006 at 10:08 am EST

This weeks map was de_cpl_fire. Week 4.1 was against Team Aristocracy. Hardfought opened the match with a pistol round win on CT. They were able to hold the lead to close the first half 8:7. Aristo came back strong on the T side and kept Hardfought down to only three rounds for a final score of Aristocracy-19 | Hardfought-11.

The second match of the week was against the undefeated ampliFy Gaming. With Sandbox (the main strat caller) unable to play, Hardfought went into the match at a disadvantage. “In our scrims prior to the match [our strats] worked amazing but for some reason our flashes weren’t effecting them and same for smokes.” -Aftermath. The final score was Amplify-22 | Hardfought-8.

CAL is on a short break for the holiday. Matches are scheduled to resume the week of July 16th.

Week 3 Report

By K2 on June 24th, 2006 at 4:20 pm EST

Week 3.1
The first match against DANG! was a lot closer than the boys on Hardfought would ever have expected. With a lot of the close rounds the final score came to a ‘gasping’ 16-14 . Rounds such as killing the defuser a millasecond too late, and the 4 rounds Hardfought had to play 4v5 because of a lagout made this game much closer then it had to be. But Hardfought was still able to come out on top.

Week 3.2
The second match against Synergy was much closer than expected.

“Going into the match with a good win on our backs we felt pretty good about us being able to conquer our next one. Although capable of getting a 13-2 lead on CT side first half, the opposing team made a valiant comeback getting quite a few rounds to make us need those last 1-2 rounds for the win. Once we finally got the last round we needed, I beleive we pretty much won out for a whopping 20-10 end score in favor of Hardfought.” -Cluer

New Clan Mates
“Cluer and Grump both know eachother and were sort of a “package” deal. We picked up cluer because we knew that he could be very good and he had the skills/smarts to compete in main. Once he got settled in, he mentioned grump. We tried him out and we felt like he fit into the group . Grump was in Veritas which was a very solid main team until they just recently died. There it is in a nutshell.” ~Bl0wn

Thanks to Cluer and Bl0wn for their contributions to this news post.

Week 2 Report

By K2 on June 15th, 2006 at 12:01 pm EST

Hardfought’s first match in the week was another loss. This time to Electronic Dreams for a crushing loss of 21-9. Enough of that. Now onto the good stuff. Hardfought came out of that match fedup with losing. With a little hard work (okay a lot of hard work) Hardfought stole both pistol rounds from Stasis to win their first CAL-M match 18-12.

“Pretty much after all of our scrims of never winning pistol rounds and always doing terrible on CT side we actually pulled through and did the total opposite by winning BOTH pistol rounds and being able to hold our own on CT side. Without those pistol round wins we would’ve never beat them. On CT side it went round for round up until we got the winning point in which we won out from there. Oh and on 1st half T side we were up 8-2, in which we got WAYYY unfocused allowing Stasis to get a 5 round comeback ending first half 8-7 in favor of us. 10-[5] second half in favor of us.”, reported Cluer, one of Hardfought’s new members.

Next week Hardfought faces DANG! 0:3 and Synergy 0:2 (still haven’t played their Week 2 matches). With the team finally regaining their footing after losing Shade and Predator to retirement, we’re expecting to see them find their groove and take these next two matches.