Getting ready for season 5

By K2 on May 15th, 2006 at 6:42 am EST

Hardfought Clan had a great season last year. With a lot of hard work (practice) they finished the regular season 8:2 and the post season 2:1. On top of that they’ve been officially moved up to CAL-M.

Most of the off-season so far has been spent polishing up the roster. Loki retired and Burzum has moved to “full-time” manager. That opened a few player slots. After a three week recruiting process Hardfought narrowed down the tryouts to four excellent players. They are AfterMath, FuzzyHat, Woj and Furious. Welcome to Hardfought, guys.

The preseason schedule has been released.
Preseason 1
Map: de_strike
Home vs. Neo Millennium (May 21st)
Home vs. By Valor and Arms (May 24th)

Preseason 2
Map: de_villa
Away vs. Unitary Guerilla Platoon(May 28th)
Home vs. Awakening(May 31st)

More details such as match time and media information will be posted as it becomes available. Let’s all wish Hardfought a great CAL-Main season!