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Hardfought’s new home

By K2 on December 4th, 2016 at 4:37 am EST

Back in August I mentioned that I was contemplating getting away from shared web hosting and serving the Hardfought website from my home. There’s no real reason to spend the money every year for a site that gets minimal traffic, and I have plenty of bandwidth here. So I bought the hardware a couple months ago, and found the time to finish the process. If you’re reading this, then your ISP’s DNS servers have received the update – Hardfought now lives in my basement ;) Had a few hiccups during the migration, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Long story short, phpBB3 and PHP 7.x don’t play nice. Found some tweaks and code fixes that resolved the issues I was seeing, so we’re all good. Learned quite a bit in the process as well, since it’s been over ten years since I’ve hosted a website locally… in a very real sense, we’ve come full circle after 16+ years of existence. Running Ubuntu server 16.04 w/ LAMP configuration. Hosting my business website on the same dedicated box. I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the much faster load times and smoother functionality.

Technically, I could throw a CS port on it as well, the amount of resources available are crazy compared to what we had available in the past. Hmm :)

Anyways. Next time you visit, post something. Dig into your profile, play with settings, etc. If you notice any bugs, lemme know. Thanks gang.

I got a new computer. Oh snap.

By K2 on March 3rd, 2013 at 4:06 pm EST

desktop001Oh snap is RIGHT. After nearly 2.5 years of chugging along on my super-slow little netbook that could barely run three tabs in Chrome at the same time, I’ve got a new system. Got my hands on an ASUS K55A series laptop. Nothing too high-end, but it does have a third-gen Intel core i7-3630QM under the hood and the HD 4000 integrated graphics is no slouch when it comes to gaming. I fired up Dragon Age and Team Fortress 2 last night just to see how it would perform. Couldn’t max out the graphics like you’d be able to using a dedicated ATI or Nvidia graphics solution, but I didn’t have to settle for minimum settings either. The CPU runs nominally at 2.4GHz but it will boost up to 3.4GHz (in the screenshot you’ll see it’s down-clocked to 1.2GHz when not being taxed to save on power). Four dedicated cores with hyper-threading enabled… everything runs pretty smooth, at least everything I’ve thrown at it so far. So, when time allows I may play a few rounds of TF2 or maybe try out something new. Gonna revisit some old RTS games I really like also, like some of the Command & Conquer series. And I can’t wait to use Photoshop or decode DVD’s on this system, should run fairly fast. Lemme know what games you guys are playing right now. Woot!

Apple unveils the iPad

By K2 on January 27th, 2010 at 4:29 pm EST

The day that many Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for has come. Steve Jobs announced earlier today the coming debut of the iPad. A lot of Apple fanboys have been waiting for the day for a long, long time. Speculation as to what exactly Jobs and the crew at Apple were going to unveil had been pretty varied – some were anticipating some type of pad or tablet, others were thinking the iPhone 4, and so on. Personally, I’m glad to see a tablet-style device be released. Yeah sure, it’s not the first of it’s kind, but I think it may be the first to offer all of the things it can do, in as slim a package as it’s in.

The full breakdown of the techincal specifications for the iPad can be found here – – for the most part, everything you’d find on the iPhone 3GS minus the camera, but on a much larger screen.

Here’s my personal take on it, good and bad…

  • Web surfing, email, watching video/movies, viewing photos, and reading e-books would be a much better user experience for the simple fact of the larger screen and more real estate.
  • All the apps for the iPhone/iTouch will run on it.
  • Only half an inch thick, weighs just one and half pounds. Screen size almost 8×10 inches and multi-touch.
  • Wi-Fi and 3G capable. Built in speakers/mic, GPS, compass, accelerometer.
  • Accessories include an SD-card dock and full-sized keyboard dock.
  • The touch keyboard would be about netbook sized – pretty much anyone could type on it comfortably.
  • Some cons – no camera, no stylus support, some of the features not available unless you get the Wi-Fi + 3G version, no multitasking (that’s a big one), and price.

Yup, the price. They start at $499 and go up. Too expensive for an iPhone replacement, but if you were looking to replace your old laptop or wanted something other than a netbook, this would do quite nicely, minus the no-multitasking bit.

My take on the iPad is this – I wouldn’t rush out to replace my netbook/laptop or iPhone with this. But I think a device like this would excel in the workplace and in a scholastic environment. If the iPad had stylus support, you could use these to transform your office into a completely paperless environment… hell, you could probably get away with it as-is. If schools would start offering all of their required textbooks in an electronic format (and it’s already starting to happen), the only think you’d need to take to school would be your iPad. I’d really love to see stylus support for this; that would definitely be the thing needed to vault this device into a realistic offering for the workplace/school. And then of course the whole no-multitasking thing. Really Apple wtf? How hard can that be? Ah well. We’ll see what happens.

So whatcha think folks? Chime in and voice your opinions about the iPad here… and if one of you actually gets one of these, I wanna see pics of you holding it ;)

Game review – Freedom Force vs The Third Reich

By K2 on May 18th, 2005 at 8:51 am EST

If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one since it seems more like an add-on than a stand alone game. For those who haven’t played Freedom Force its a squad based superhero strategy game set in the 50’s. Like the first, both games have a cheesy comic book feel that only adds to the appeal. You start with a few heros and as the game progresses more join you, you also gain prestige points you can use to “buy” additional heros that aren’t part of the main story. The hero’s can be “levelled” up as they earn experience adding to their powers and purchasing select new ones, I say select because the pre-made hero’s have a selected set of abilities you can buy so they don’t deviate from their “character”. For newer strategy players (which I doubt we have on HF) it’s fairly intuitive, and has a walkthrough that’s helpful and is the beginning of the story rather than just some side thing that everyone skips. For the hardcore strategy players I’d recommend the higher difficulty levels, the standard level is a bit light. You can also create your own heros, with the hero builder tools although this is where I was disappointed there are very few original skins aside from the ones already used in the game and there is no easy customizing tool. Also its too easy to make an overpowered superhero that can breeze through the game solo leaving the other characters behind. For this reason I’d recommend sticking with the pre-made heros, there are quite a few in addition to the main story characters and they do add a bit to the story dialogue (rather than just being backdrop). There is a large modding community from the first game so it won’t be long until this game gets it as well, skins, campaigns, etc.

If you like superhero, or strategy games you really can’t go wrong with this one (although the cheesy banter might annoy some of the younger set) and it’s not $50 like everything else on the game shelf, most of which sucks but I’ll save that for another post.