Test post (phpBB3 3.0.6/WPU 0.8 update)

By K2 on January 17th, 2010 at 9:17 pm EST

Test post…

OK, if you’re reading this, then the major backend updates I performed were a success. There are a few bugs, such as the ‘recent forum posts’ widget on the sidebar showing every single post ever made, as well as a couple other minor bugs, but overall it’s gone smoothly. I’ve let the WPU mod author know of the issues I’ve discovered, so hopefully we’ll have some fixes soon.

I have many more updates and tweaks to do regarding 3rd party phpBB3 mods, as well as a few more look n’ feel tweaks. The worst is over and done with though ;)

EDIT – if ya guys could please, go through various functions here and on the board, use the comments function here for this news post (you’ll notice it’s now fully integrated between WP and phpBB3) and so on. Some bugs the WPU author has already fixed and I’ve implemented, but if you find any other bugs or notice any weird behavior, lemme know. Thanks.

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23 thoughts on “Test post (phpBB3 3.0.6/WPU 0.8 update)”

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  2. Avatar test says:


  3. Avatar K2 says:

    admin to normal user post test…

  4. Avatar K2 says:

    Test via quick reply (native).

  5. Avatar Suck. says:

    Your post count is high enough Keith. Enough whoring already. :mrgreen:


  6. Avatar K2 says:

    There’s still an issue with the time/date stamp with comments – it’s showing the current time/date for all of them instead of when the post was actually made. Take a look, is it that way for you as well?

    Mod author for WP-United is going to help me troubleshoot it further in the next couple days.

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