Hardfought 2.0 goes live!!

By K2 on April 5th, 2009 at 4:42 am EST

Yeah boy! Hahah… finally. If you’re reading this, you’re seeing Hardfought with a brand new style. Same theme, but with a totally new layout, from what you can see to the way things work on the back-end. I still have a lot of work to do to get the site exactly the way I want it, but the major hurdles have been um… hurdled ;) So enjoy the site! Let me know what ya think, good or bad. I realize that certain lil things may be missing… I just noticed that ‘previous topic/next topic’ is not present on phpBB3. There are also plug-ins and scripts that I had incorporated into the old msgboard that haven’t made their way to the new board, but will. Like the photo album galleries; that’s the big one I will start work on ASAP. Quick reply, that’ll show it’s face as well. So on and so forth.

Alright. Back to work ;-)

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37 thoughts on “Hardfought 2.0 goes live!!”

  1. Avatar K2 says:

    Gah… that ‘internal server error’ that some of ya may have noticed for part of today? Some phpBB2 processes were still running that got hung up between the time I disabled the old board but hadn’t brought over the new one yet. Weird. I had to kill about 40+ rogue processes to un-fuck the site. Never seen that before.

    Oh well ;)

  2. Avatar Best_predator says:

    "Elite members" should be renamed to "Super awesome members." Thank you.

  3. Avatar K2 says:

    Not so much…

    I am having some issues with the photo gallery conversion. To get it to work, and for the installer not to hang on converting our old album to the new one, I am having to hand-edit 343 picture entries to remove NULL entries. And I can’t automate the process because each entry has a unique thumbnail image/pic image…. this is gonna take awhile :(

  4. Avatar Suck. says:

    I think I liked yellow much better for elite member color.

    Also, on a distantly related note, how do you view user groups now?


  5. Avatar K2 says:

    Through your user control panel – link is up on the top left in the red header bar.

  6. Avatar Suck. says:

    Cool, just realized that Elite Member is a new category altogether, not replacing Senior Member, which I’m guessing is still yellow. Perhaps the colors for the two should be swapped though, to keep the people who are normally yellow, yellow. :P

    It looks like Senior Member is an automatic user level, whereas we have to manually add Elite Members?


  7. Avatar K2 says:

    Senior member was always yellow, elite member wasnt any color til yesterday. I just havent gotten around to senior member yet, cuz I have to add ppl manually to the mod.

  8. Avatar K2 says:

    Well, the photo album ported over successfully. I am having to play with permissions though so you can view them and upload new pics. The learning curve for handling permissions with phpBB3 is a lot higher than their old board, but it’s a lot more flexible.

    Personal galleries arent showing up however – workin on that.

  9. Avatar Maverick says:

    Looks great, I like it!

    One request, can you add the ability to comment on news postings directly on the homepage? I think that’s another great way to increase interaction.

  10. Avatar K2 says:

    I could, but right now wordpress comments dont tie in directly with any set msgboard forum – yet. I dont want to separate the two. A future release of onepress is (hopefully) supposed to have it where when you make a news post, it auto-generates a quoted post on your forum, and its supposed to integrate comments as well.

  11. Avatar Phoenix says:

    Only thing I would like to see changed is the addition of the site links on the left side of the page while viewing the message forum.

  12. Avatar K2 says:

    Right now that’s not possible Pho without breaking the onepress merge. A few other people have posted about having the same ability – no replies yet.

  13. Avatar Catharsys says:

    only thing i have a problem with is the glossy buttons.

  14. Avatar sX says:

    I kind of liked the time stamp on the main page in the ‘Forum Posts’ area on the old HF..

    It told me at least when the last post was made..

  15. Avatar sX says:

    Also, whenever I post something, it shows it up black letters, however when I reload the page from scratch, it shows up in white..


  16. Avatar K2 says:

    Cath – you dont like the new buttons? :(

    sX – I know what ya mean about the recent posts block. I’ve looked at the code, but I am unsure of how to have it display a timestamp. Just know that if a topic gets moved to the top, it was recently posted to. That thing about your text goin from black to white – can ya get a screenshot of it and post it? And what browser + version are you using?

  17. Avatar sX says:

    Sure, let me take a screen show of this now..

  18. Avatar sX says:

    Oh, and i’m trying to click the banner up top to go to the home page, but it’s just giving me an arrow indicating it’s not a link. Of course I can click ‘home’ button, but it’s just not the same.. :P

  19. Avatar K2 says:

    Where’s that screenshot sX?

    FYI – the banner is now clickable and it takes you to the main page. However, it works everywhere EXCEPT when you’re viewing the msgboard. I dunno why. Workin’ on it.

    Next/previous topic links are now available (top right) as you’re viewing a topic. Glad I added those back in, was pissin’ me off that they were missing from phpBB3.

  20. Avatar sX says:

    Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing Testing Testing.Testing

  21. Avatar sX says:

    Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing.

  22. Avatar WidowMaker says:

    same black text thing is happening for me…. didnt know refreshing fixed it… I would just manually fix it by assigning white font color to the text

    ok refreshing doesnt fix it for me, still showing black unless i manually set font to white

  23. Avatar K2 says:

    Hmm ok. sX sent me a screenshot as well, so I know exactly what’s being affected. I am thinking there’s a stray setting in the main stylesheet for the board I need to tweak. I’m lookin’ into it now.

    EDIT – I just made this post with Firefox and was able to reproduce the behavior you guys are seeing. I primarily use IE7/8, which is why I didn’t notice it before.

  24. Avatar K2 says:

    Test post…

    EDIT – found the problem, fixed it. To verify, make a post and lemme know if it’s resolved for you guys as well.

  25. Avatar Suck. says:

    Jeez, I noted this behavior when the test forums were up, and described it in detail, noting it only occurred immediately after making or editing a post, but that it went away after refreshing or visiting another post and going back… nobody listens to me… :roll:

    EDIT: Yes, it’s fixed. (Now somebody else post that it’s fixed so K2 will pay attention.)


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