Disappointing Start

By K2 on June 8th, 2006 at 7:00 am EST

Hardfought Clan is off to a rough start in it’s first season in CAL-Main since it’s reworking in 2005. The preseason was great with a 3:0:1 record. The real thing is proving to be more of a challenge.

Hardfoughts first match on Sunday evening against CyborLAN was covered by EGLN as their CAL-M match of the week. It got off to a good start with Hardfought winning the pistol round on de_train as Terrorists and finish the first half 7:8 just behind CyborLAN. But CyborLAN had their game faces on going into the second half and took the pistol round and eventually the match with a final score of CyborLAN 22, Hardfought 8.

The second match was played on Wednesday night against The Real Untouchables, also on de_train. There were some SourceTV issues but the match was at least viewable via IRC Scorebot. Again Hardfought got off to a rough start losing pistol as CT and finishing the first half much like the last with TRU leading by a single point. After losing their third pistol round in a row Hardfought wound up losing 19:11. It was a close match overall. If Hardfought could have pulled off that pistol round they very likely would have taken the match.

Next week we’ll be facing Electronic Dreams and Stasis on de_dust2. The “lockerroom” chat after the game showed Hardfought’s resolve to hit this next map with everything they’ve got. Bl0wn and Sandbox will probably be putting some extra emphasis on winning those critical pistol rounds. Luckily we’ll be warming up on Electronic Dreams (Sunday) who is 1:1 before facing the formidable Stasis (Wednesday).

Wish them luck!