Week 2 Report

By K2 on June 15th, 2006 at 12:01 pm EST

Hardfought’s first match in the week was another loss. This time to Electronic Dreams for a crushing loss of 21-9. Enough of that. Now onto the good stuff. Hardfought came out of that match fedup with losing. With a little hard work (okay a lot of hard work) Hardfought stole both pistol rounds from Stasis to win their first CAL-M match 18-12.

“Pretty much after all of our scrims of never winning pistol rounds and always doing terrible on CT side we actually pulled through and did the total opposite by winning BOTH pistol rounds and being able to hold our own on CT side. Without those pistol round wins we would’ve never beat them. On CT side it went round for round up until we got the winning point in which we won out from there. Oh and on 1st half T side we were up 8-2, in which we got WAYYY unfocused allowing Stasis to get a 5 round comeback ending first half 8-7 in favor of us. 10-[5] second half in favor of us.”, reported Cluer, one of Hardfought’s new members.

Next week Hardfought faces DANG! 0:3 and Synergy 0:2 (still haven’t played their Week 2 matches). With the team finally regaining their footing after losing Shade and Predator to retirement, we’re expecting to see them find their groove and take these next two matches.