Day of Defeat: Source release announced

By Suck. on September 10th, 2005 at 1:43 pm EST

Yesterday, Valve announced that Day of Defeat: Source will be released on September 26. It will become available for pre-download next week for those who own the Half-Life 2 Silver or Gold packages, and for those of you who bought the Half-Life 2 Bronze package, DoD:S will cost an additional $20. For the slackers, it will also be part of the Counter-Strike: Source retail package.

It should be pure awesomeness, but you may want to upgrade your systems. According to Gabe Newell, DoD:S “pushes the Source engine harder than any other Source project.” You can find the Valve News update here: Day of Defeat: Source Available September 26.

Hardfought will have a DoD:S server up as soon as the game is released. More to come.