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The official SaGe^KS news update

By K2 on August 24th, 2012 at 5:02 pm EST

So I promised SaGe^KS awhile back that I’d do a news update, and that it would be specifically about him. So here ya go buddy hah! I do know that SaGe has some recent important events going on in his life right now… I will leave it up to him on whether he wants to share that information or not here. If you’re Facebook friends with him then you probably already know.

So what else is new? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just came out very recently. All of the reviews I’ve seen so far have been alright. It’s basically CS:S with much better graphics and a couple new gameplay modes (one sucks, the other is kinda cool with all new maps). I heard de_aztec was thrown back into the rotation as well. Have any of you played it yet? If so, chime in and let everyone know what ya think.

My personal shit – I have been busy as fuck. For those of ya that don’t know, I’ve been a recruiter for the Vermont Army National Guard since Feb 2011. This position keeps me extremely busy, like 50-60 hrs a week. I never thought I’d ever do this job (my recruiter was a lying piece of shit) but I actually enjoy it. I do the best I can to do right by my ‘kids’ and to make sure they know exactly what they are getting themselves into. So far so good. I’ve scared a few away but that’s ok, military life ain’t for everybody. My daughter is growing up FAST, she’s already six months old. No crawling yet although she’s about to start. I do plan on getting her her own computer to play around with, but I don’t really think I want her to get into online gaming. May be unavoidable, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Hope you all have had a great summer so far. It’s been absolutely beautiful up here in Vermont, highs typically range in the mid-80’s. One reason why I don’t miss Texas that much :) If you all ever wanna do a HF reunion LAN party, it’s gonna be up here. I’m done travelling. I still have one of the servers and all of the switches and cables that G$ donated from HF LAN #6 – if you can all get yourselves up here, we’ll make it happen.

Have a good one, next post will be for year number twelve!