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Better to burn out than to fade away…

By K2 on May 8th, 2011 at 6:16 pm EST

Or so says Def Leppard. I dunno about that, don’t think that holds true. Otherwise Hardfought wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it has.

So yeah. I think right now the traffic to this site is at an all-time low. Not too surprised, as I haven’t really had anything to say. Hell, I don’t even come to the site every day like I used to… don’t have the time. But since this has been a weekend for Getting Shit Done, I figured it was about damn time I got to posting something here. So… hi ;-) Just an FYI in case any of the two or three of ya that still frequent the site were wondering – no more game servers. Ever. I’m totally done with that part of my life, I got other shit to do. I am selling one of the game servers, and am converting the other into a folding@home/data backup server. I don’t even game anymore, except for the occasional round of Nethack. Ah well. I’m gonna be forty this year folks (gah!), some things ya just grow out of. Maybe I’ll revisit some FPS action someday, but I doubt it.

So what’s been going on with K2 you might ask? Well, me and my significant other bought a new house in March, and we finally got moved in a couple weeks ago. Nice decent-sized house on one acre and surrounded by a few hundreds acres of woods, meadows and mountains that will never be developed on. Gotta love Vermont :-) I’m still in the military, working full-time with the Vermont Army National Guard, figure I’ll make a career of it. Jenn is doing great with the physical therapy clinic she works at. We’re planning on a mini-K2 by this time next year. Yeah that’s right, someone decided it was OK for me to reproduce hahah :-P

Well, that’s all I got really. My once-every-six-months-posting :-) I figure no matter how slow or lonely Hardfought gets, I’ll keep the doors open here. If anything, where the hell am I gonna keep all these pics? Certainly not on facebook, fuck that noise. Plus it’s pretty cheap to keep the site up and it practically runs itself. So there ya go.

If you just happen to come by the site, post something, say hello, make fun of sX, whatever. Just to know there’s still somebody out there. See ya around gang ;-)