Better to burn out than to fade away…

By K2 on May 8th, 2011 at 6:16 pm EST

Or so says Def Leppard. I dunno about that, don’t think that holds true. Otherwise Hardfought wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it has.

So yeah. I think right now the traffic to this site is at an all-time low. Not too surprised, as I haven’t really had anything to say. Hell, I don’t even come to the site every day like I used to… don’t have the time. But since this has been a weekend for Getting Shit Done, I figured it was about damn time I got to posting something here. So… hi ;-) Just an FYI in case any of the two or three of ya that still frequent the site were wondering – no more game servers. Ever. I’m totally done with that part of my life, I got other shit to do. I am selling one of the game servers, and am converting the other into a folding@home/data backup server. I don’t even game anymore, except for the occasional round of Nethack. Ah well. I’m gonna be forty this year folks (gah!), some things ya just grow out of. Maybe I’ll revisit some FPS action someday, but I doubt it.

So what’s been going on with K2 you might ask? Well, me and my significant other bought a new house in March, and we finally got moved in a couple weeks ago. Nice decent-sized house on one acre and surrounded by a few hundreds acres of woods, meadows and mountains that will never be developed on. Gotta love Vermont :-) I’m still in the military, working full-time with the Vermont Army National Guard, figure I’ll make a career of it. Jenn is doing great with the physical therapy clinic she works at. We’re planning on a mini-K2 by this time next year. Yeah that’s right, someone decided it was OK for me to reproduce hahah :-P

Well, that’s all I got really. My once-every-six-months-posting :-) I figure no matter how slow or lonely Hardfought gets, I’ll keep the doors open here. If anything, where the hell am I gonna keep all these pics? Certainly not on facebook, fuck that noise. Plus it’s pretty cheap to keep the site up and it practically runs itself. So there ya go.

If you just happen to come by the site, post something, say hello, make fun of sX, whatever. Just to know there’s still somebody out there. See ya around gang ;-)

12 thoughts on “Better to burn out than to fade away…”

  1. Avatar sX says:


    You are too ugly to reproduce. Your wife has to give him/her the looks AND the brains. Sigh..

    Congrats on the house. Now I have somewhere to stay when I travel.

    So I think that you are really part of Seal Team 6, K2. It makes sense. This explains your absence and all. You couldn’t be that good of a shot though. We ALL know that.

    Anyway, cheers.

  2. Avatar G$ says:

    Had to happen some day. About a year ago I gave away my steam account. I was spending too much time gaming and not enough time taking care of business. I am almost 50 and started taking stock. The propensity of games to show how many hours you have spent playing them was sobering. How many degrees could I have gotten, businesses started, people known in all those hours…..My bucket list is fairly short, but nowhere on it will you find reaching l33t status. Time to focus on raising my daughter, maximizing my most productive years, and reaching my personal, professional, and spiritual goals. It was fun for a season, and I’m sure I’ll check out a game demo from time to time, but no more days of time a month and weeks of time a year spent in another world. This one is way too interesting.

  3. Avatar KillerClown says:

    Dunno…burning out can be good sometimes too, and not like in a stoner kind of way (err ok…yeah in a stoner way too, but not the point in this case). :P
    Like my webhosting account…
    Finally got pissed off completely with it, yet again HostMonster allowed MY customer to go behind my back directly to them and pay the bill, even though it is a RESELLER ACCOUNT.
    So the only just thing for me to do at this point is to reverse the most recent payment & cancel the account entirely, pointless to have a reseller account when the company you purchase through eliminates all your profits.
    To make it even worse, they didn’t even require ANY validation for the guy to make a payment on my account.

    Unfortunately I lose my website in this deal, well I have backups, but restoring it on a new host will take a good while. Don’t get me wrong, outside of this issue HostMonster has provided phenomenal service, just don’t use them if you want to resell.
    Fortunately, it will cause my (what is now finally going to be EX-)customer to have to go through some major hassles, such as having their website restored on a new host (not by me), the payment they made will be reversed, so they’ll have that money tied up in the system for however long it takes.

    Do I think it’s necessary to do all this? Fuck yeah, this customer has done shit like this in the past and I warned him if he tried to go behind my back again I would fuck him, so here he goes, hell he’s seriously going to be lucky if I even provide him with a backup of his site. Even if I HAD agreed to provide any such backup he broke the "contract" by not paying me.

    So in this case, I’m setting fire to the shit, and it will burn out. Much better than this fading away over the last few years I’ve been doing while trying to be nice and let him keep his site up.

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
    We don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn
    Burn motherfucker burn

    Now afa HF:
    Better to fade slowly like it has been, unlike SO many communities I’ve been a part of over the last several years.

    Edit: And wtf happened to the steam thing? What is it trying to display, online friends? (edit) Ahh groups, that sucks, not like you can even really see it.
    Actually a couple things are acting up, what have you done? :P
    My avatar shows in the settings, but on the front page of the site it says no avatar, also getting this error message (only a couple times so far while messing around in settings).
    "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare validate_username() (previously declared in /home1/hardfoug/public_html/phpBB3/includes/functions_user.php:1488) in /home1/hardfoug/public_html/wp-includes/user.php on line 1332"

  4. Avatar K2 says:

    The Steam status – I didnt change shit. The people who run the steam status site changed the way their status displays, so I’m gonna have to go in and change a line or two of code to have it display the right one.

    The error you’re getting – I recently had to update wordpress from 2.x to 3.x because of upgrades to the database here (I couldnt write a post until I upgraded wordpress). Because of that, it broke some things with wp-united. I found some code that fixed a lot of the issues with wp-united playing right with wordpress 3.x, but some things are still broken as you’ve obviously found. I know you’ll get that error when logging out. Also, to fix the ‘no avatar’ thing on the front page, you have to login to wordpress seperately – the wordpress/phpBB3 integration is broken somewhat now. Unfortunately, the author of wp-united up and disappeared (again) so I am searching for others who have made fixes to his code. Yeah it sucks, but at least it’s nothing major at the moment.

  5. Avatar K2 says:

    Just fixed that particular error (yes I still got php coding game :P ). Lemme know if any other errors like it crop up.

    EDIT – for the ‘no avatar’ thing on the home page, you have to login seperately to wordpress also since the wordpress/phpBB3 integration is somewhat broken. Go here to do that and tell it to remember you –” onclick=”;return false;

  6. Avatar K2 says:

    Fixed the Steam display. Again ;)

  7. Avatar EatMoreLead says:

    K2, good luck with the baby-making! Do you want to borrow the antlers?

    In the category for most random, off topic post posing as relevant…KillerClown 4tehwin

    The days of counterstrike were fun as hell guys, good memories. I’m with G$, there are too many more important things in life to spend 4-12 hours a day playing fps. I’m down to just Travian, which is minimal time invested but still a nice distraction.

    Hope everybody is healthy and happy!

  8. Avatar doofy says:

    Good to see a few of the old crew around. Congrats on the new house K2. Hope everyone else is doing well. I’ll try to remember to post when I stop by, but until then I’m off to prepare for grad school.


    I’m still mad that my account got cleaned out 5 years back… I want the old school date like the rest of you.

  9. Avatar Best_predator says:

    Congrats on life and all!

  10. Avatar Nad says:


    I am still around. Had my 5th kiddo(first girl) 6 weeks ago, bought a house that needs a ton of work, and started a new job last September so life has been hella busy. The closest I come to gaming is some occasional Wii play with the boys. Much like G$, a few years back I noticed the /played time on my EQ2 accounts were reaching 300 days. It is sobering to find that in 3 years i managed to put an entire year into a video game. Pulled the plug and haven’t looked back.

  11. Avatar Burzum says:

    I’m single and party it up now (weee?). The girl I had last night was almost as hot as sX. (Damn I’m totally out of smoke). Game mainly on my PS3 now as TheBurzum. I miss when CSS meant killing people and not cascading style sheets.

    Have you guys seen Ancient Aliens? It’s lawls… and did you guys hear about team poison hunting down lulzsec? Ah… so many forum posts never written…

  12. Avatar Phoenix says:

    I still check in on occasion. I quit/was fired from my job back in January when my boss found out I was planning on going to law school at GW this fall. I have been working a few part time gigs to keep cash flow going but overall things are going fine. Most gaming these days is CIv 5 or Battlefield BC2 on ps3, can’t wait for BF3 this fall though I don’t know when I will play between my classes.

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