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Happy Birthday!! Hardfought turns seven!

By K2 on October 22nd, 2007 at 7:30 am EST

Ooooh snap! Yeah, that’s right. Hardfought came into being on this day, seven years ago. And wow, it’s still here, with game servers and everything ;-) So, happy b-day Hardfought, and here’s to many more to follow. This is where I make the msgboard post on this news topic, and all the regs come out of the woodwork to reminisce… heh. Good times, good times. We’re overdue another HF LAN now that I think about it. Once I finish my last trip to the sandbox and become a civilian again, I’ll plan a good one for sure. Think 2009 for that lil shin-dig.

Touchin’ base on other news – TF2 is going pretty well. Both servers are seeing a fair amount of play time, and as new versions of Sourcemod come about, more functionality will be added to make your TF2 experience even better. Our UT3 vCTF server gets some decent play time as well, just not as much as I’d like to see. It’s playerbase is a lot less than TF2 is though, but this is the first demo release – once Epic gets their shit together, and fixes a lot of the glaring bugs with it, the playerbase should rocket upwards.

Special thanks to all of the regs who have stuck it out through thick and thin with Hardfought. You guys and gals make this place what it is. Have a drink for HF today in celebration, and I’ll see ya online :-P