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Unreal Tournament 3 demo server up

By K2 on October 14th, 2007 at 3:20 pm EST

That’s right. Not only do we have two TF2 servers up and running, we now also have a Unreal Tournament 3 demo server up as well. The IP address is It’s Vehicle CTF, 24 players, with the only included CTF map in rotation (Suspense). Using the in-game server browser, it will show up as k2_1971: Hardfought – UT3 vCTF. Both the name and the IP will change once the server clears out (it’s full as of this post) and I can assign the IP I want it on, as well as changing the username for the server. UT3 is a helluva lot of fun… you need a pretty beefy system to experience it in all its glory, with all the gfx settings maxed out. However, playing at 1024×768 with FSAA turned off, I can sustain 40-50 fps, and this is with a 7xxx series nVidia graphics card. Be sure to check out the official UT3 forums ( for tips and tricks for configuring your .ini files for smoother gameplay, and for answers to any questions ya might have with any bugs you encounter (it’s a beta demo, folks).

More gaming news to follow! See ya online…