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Server is down indefinitely

By K2 on August 8th, 2006 at 7:20 pm EST

Ugh :-(

The Hardfought servers are down indefinitely folks. I have some issues with my game server host that I’m not inclined to get into with the general public. Let’s just say that my pocketbook is much, much lighter than it was a few days ago… so much so that I can’t continue to host. Player traffic for the month of July was virtually non-existent anyways, but that’s besides the point. I don’t see any type of game server from Hardfought coming back up anytime in the forseeable future.

Other stuff – yeah I know, HF LAN #7 pics. There’s really not much to post gang. While the overall turnout was good (70+ ppl), and this is the first LAN where I actually made some profit (just enough to cover the shipping costs for sending my lan servers and network gear all over the place), the number of Hardfought attendees was… well, to be blunt, it was fucking pathetic. Only about twelve of ya showed up, and to those of ya that did (G$, Maverick, Shade, Ssargista, Exile, Boomhauer, SaGe^KS, DocNsane, plus a few other non-HF’ers), thanks for coming. Of course Steam has to be the gayest piece of shit coding known to man to not allow anyone to be able to play CSS offline, so HF LAN #7 turned into a Command & Conquer: Zero Hour frag-fest. That was actually a lot of fun. Was funny listening to Shade cry when he kept getting raped by his own team ;-) Oh yeah, special thanks to SaGe^KS to watchin’ the door and from preventing the console crowd rep from completely screwing up the cash at the door, and to G$ for *donating* enough network gear to Hardfought for me to run a 100-man lan event on my own if I wanted to… which right now, I am seriously reconsidering holding another LAN ever again. Re-read the part about attendance if you need to know why…

Alright, so… that’s that. I might get what few LAN #7 pics I have up sometime this weekend. Or I might not, depends how busy I get. Whatever free time I do get to play anything, it’ll probably be AoE: III and NWN. See ya around folks…