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Hardfought public CS:S server… again :-P

By K2 on August 23rd, 2006 at 12:05 pm EST

Yeah, we’re back up… again!! LOL :-P THIS time, I’m hosting one of my own personal rackmount servers at Boomhauer’s place of work, which just happens to be a network/data center in Dallas, TX. After the shit that happened with my previous server host, Boomhauer contacted me, and extended a helping hand, offering to host a public server for the community. So as of yesterday, we’re back up with a public server. Many thanks to Boomhauer for helping to keep the Hardfought community active with a place to play.

The details: First off, the physical specs, and those of ya that attended HF LAN’s #6 and 7 have met this beast up close and personal. The server is a dual 3GHz Xeon rackmount, w/ 4GB ECC RAM, and a pair of Ultra320 SCSI drives set up in a RAID 0 array. The network backbone it currently sits on is Time Warner (backup links to MCI and Level3). HlstatsX is installed and operational, so real time in-game stats are available, just as before. To see the web stats, go to – maxplayers is set to 24, and the tickrate is set to 100, and ‘hyperboosted’.

The IP address – or you can use, default port (27015).

The configuration of the game server is basically the same as before, but with a few changes that ya’ll should be made aware of… first, the map rotation and maps that are available for vote. A LOT more of the stock maps are now available at the end of round vote, and *every* map is available for admins to initiate a vote on. In the msgboard thread that will go with this post, I’ll post the list of maps that are available. I took out a couple like cs_havana, de_chateau, etc. Another thing that’s been activated is the team wounding code in the MANI plugin. I’ve tweaked it though, so it’s conservative… meaning it wont start dishing out reflective damage to the team wounder until X number of team wounds by that person per map have occured (this damage dealt back will constantly go up as the team wounds continue). It’s set to handle the blatant team wounders, without overtly punishing those of us who occasionlly team wound on accident.

The last change is mainly for our admin staff. I’ve beefed up the admin immunities, meaning that no admin can slap/slay/kick/ban/burn/etc another admin at all, including me. Lately we had some instances of admin abuse against other admins, of which I was also guilty of, and it was sending out the wrong message to everyone else playing. So that temptation is no longer available.

If you’ve been reading the news here lately, then ya know about the drama with our CS:S clan being hijacked, and the discussions surrounding that. Part of those discussions focused on how the server was getting away from the community, and was focusing more on being ‘competitive’. Well, guess what? I’m moving the focus back to the community, where it shoulda stayed all along. News flash folks – you can be community-orientated, and be ‘competitive’ at the same time. I’ve been talking to the admin staff about it, and we’re gonna bring back the atmosphere that Hardfought has always been known for – a great place for you and your friends to play at. It was always there, but just buried somewhat. Time to dig it back up ;-)

I don’t expect the server to be instantly full 24/7 right out the gate. But tell your friends we’re still up, and on a better machine than before, with the main focus being YOU. So let’s get some games goin’ gang. See ya on the server.

Hardfought CS:S Clan is no more

By K2 on August 17th, 2006 at 11:13 pm EST

The drama just doesn’t stop around here, does it? rofl…

A few days ago, Burzum sends me a message about how Shade and bl0wn wanted more control over the clan in CAL, and also over the match server that Burzum had leased out from NFO. While Burzum relinquished control of the match server over to Shade, he still decided to keep control as manager of the clan, and stated his reasons as to why. So Shade, bl0wn, and the majority of the clan decided to use a type of override within the CAL system. This override allows 80% or more of members in whatever clan to vote out their team manager, and to elect a new one. I was under the impression that this was in place in case of managers that drop off the face of the planet. I didn’t think you could do this to an *active* manager. Learn the hard way I guess, yeah? So in essence, they kicked Burzum out of his manager role, and hijacked the team.

So then earlier today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone), Shade posts a message in the clan forum, stating that the clan wishes to go their separate ways. Which is fine, no hard feelings, if they wanna leave and start their own clan, that’s perfectly fine. But the reasoning wasn’t quite all there, little things like ‘K2 didn’t make a roster for us’… ok, my bad, I admit. Eh? And when I asked them to relinquish control of the manager spot back to Burzum, things started to get ugly (read: bl0wn). I didn’t think it was fair for them to keep their spot in CAL-M under my name. If they want to form a new clan, they can, but to keep their spot in the league under an organization that they feel they can do without… well, I didn’t think that was fair. It started gettin’ ugly when I voiced my opinion about that (again, bl0wn). What really sucks about all this, is that they shut out the one guy who worked the hardest, from day one, to keep the clan together, and who saw them grow from a fledgling team, all the way to where they’re at now. If the old members of Hardfought wanna take shots at me, sling some mud, whatever… hey, bring it. But stabbing Burzum in the back like this is not what I thought these guys were about. It’s shit like this is why I never really wanted to host a clan in the first place. But I always let you all talk me into doin’ shit I don’t wanna do… lol.

How does this affect the community? Hardly at all. Most of the players on what the team had become, weren’t ‘regs’. Not that that’s bad, or that a lot of ’em weren’t nice guys (quite a few of ’em are, in fact)… it’s just that there was a very apparent separation. You had the community, and then ya had the clan. Not a whole lot of interaction between the two, save for one or two people. When I first announced that Hardfought was going to host a team, it was made up of people who frequented the server… of people who enjoyed the game and enjoyed playing as a team with the same group of friends, on the same server. Over time, it got away from being ‘fun’ to being ‘competitive’. So much so, that in order to bring in players that were highly skilled (my favorite phrase was ‘a solid 5th’), we started bringing in people that weren’t from the community. I blame myself for letting that happen :-( I was tellin’ Burz justa couple hours ago, it’s like a Catch 22. You wanna make a fun clan that can relax and just play… but no one has fun losing, and if you stay relaxed and don’t practice that much, you’re going to lose more often than not. So in order to win, you start getting more strict, more practice times, and it just snowballs. I should make the clan forum public someday, you wouldn’t believe the amount of posts that exist concerning no-shows for practices (and matches! rofl), arguments over when to practice and on what days… the list goes on and on. It’s a fuckin’ mess. Again, I blame myself for letting things get out of control, and away from what it was initially intended to be.

So, that’s that. Best of luck to those of ya that decided to leave, and form a new clan.

Server is down indefinitely

By K2 on August 8th, 2006 at 7:20 pm EST

Ugh :-(

The Hardfought servers are down indefinitely folks. I have some issues with my game server host that I’m not inclined to get into with the general public. Let’s just say that my pocketbook is much, much lighter than it was a few days ago… so much so that I can’t continue to host. Player traffic for the month of July was virtually non-existent anyways, but that’s besides the point. I don’t see any type of game server from Hardfought coming back up anytime in the forseeable future.

Other stuff – yeah I know, HF LAN #7 pics. There’s really not much to post gang. While the overall turnout was good (70+ ppl), and this is the first LAN where I actually made some profit (just enough to cover the shipping costs for sending my lan servers and network gear all over the place), the number of Hardfought attendees was… well, to be blunt, it was fucking pathetic. Only about twelve of ya showed up, and to those of ya that did (G$, Maverick, Shade, Ssargista, Exile, Boomhauer, SaGe^KS, DocNsane, plus a few other non-HF’ers), thanks for coming. Of course Steam has to be the gayest piece of shit coding known to man to not allow anyone to be able to play CSS offline, so HF LAN #7 turned into a Command & Conquer: Zero Hour frag-fest. That was actually a lot of fun. Was funny listening to Shade cry when he kept getting raped by his own team ;-) Oh yeah, special thanks to SaGe^KS to watchin’ the door and from preventing the console crowd rep from completely screwing up the cash at the door, and to G$ for *donating* enough network gear to Hardfought for me to run a 100-man lan event on my own if I wanted to… which right now, I am seriously reconsidering holding another LAN ever again. Re-read the part about attendance if you need to know why…

Alright, so… that’s that. I might get what few LAN #7 pics I have up sometime this weekend. Or I might not, depends how busy I get. Whatever free time I do get to play anything, it’ll probably be AoE: III and NWN. See ya around folks…

Weeks 5 and 6

By K2 on August 1st, 2006 at 5:39 am EST

Week 5.1 was the first Forfiet Loss in Hardfought’s 4 season history. Match 5.2 was a 22-8 loss against Clan[eX]. The clan lost their next match by default against Counter Strike Elite. Week 6.2 was a 19-11 win against mind the addiction in which LogiK (Hardfought’s newest member) was challenged for hacking and vindicated!

Week 7 is already underway with a loss to Extempore 23-7. Mouse-1 is Hardfought’s next scheduled match. Wish them luck!