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Week 4 Report

By K2 on July 4th, 2006 at 10:08 am EST

This weeks map was de_cpl_fire. Week 4.1 was against Team Aristocracy. Hardfought opened the match with a pistol round win on CT. They were able to hold the lead to close the first half 8:7. Aristo came back strong on the T side and kept Hardfought down to only three rounds for a final score of Aristocracy-19 | Hardfought-11.

The second match of the week was against the undefeated ampliFy Gaming. With Sandbox (the main strat caller) unable to play, Hardfought went into the match at a disadvantage. “In our scrims prior to the match [our strats] worked amazing but for some reason our flashes weren’t effecting them and same for smokes.” -Aftermath. The final score was Amplify-22 | Hardfought-8.

CAL is on a short break for the holiday. Matches are scheduled to resume the week of July 16th.