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New server goodness, HF clan defeats TIT 24-6

By K2 on January 31st, 2006 at 2:07 am EST

Oh snap. Our server made it’s way to it’s new home in Dallas this afternoon, and went live a few hours afterwards. I logged in, tweaked the box a bit, checked to make sure all was well with everything, and made the annoucement on IRC. Got a small game going, got my ass handed to me, as this was the first time I’ve played in almost two months, took note of how my ping never went above 95ms in-game *all the way from Hawaii*, and logged out to enjoy some dinner. Server is running damn smooth folks. While the traceroute to the actual server IP is one hop more than it is to the website, pings are outstanding – just as good if not better than when we were with Insomnia365. We’ll see how things pickup over time, but it’s safe to say that we found a great home for our very own hardware.

Just in case ya missed it, the IP is, default port for the pub, port 27500 for the private match server.

Hardfought clan came out strong tonight against Team TIT (before ya ask, I dunno what TIT stands for :-P ), defeating them on de_cbble. As it stands right now, we’re 2-0-0 for season four CAL-O. Hoping this season we can make playoffs and break into CAL-M based on our skill, rather than just a foregone namesake *coughfontanacough*. Hah ;-)

That’s all i got for ya tonight gang. Please have a go at the new server IP, you wont be disappointed. Let’s get things back to the way they were just a couple months ago. See ya for now.