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Hardfought BF2: Special Forces

By Suck. on November 28th, 2005 at 6:03 pm EST

For those of you who didn’t know, Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the BF2 expansion pack, was released on Tuesday, Nov 22nd as was patch 1.12 for BF2. Due to struggling popularity, we made the decision to turn Hardfought BF2 #1 into a BF2:SF server. We also changed the IP to try to correct a server reporting error where the server was not showing up in the in-game server browser. We made no changes to HF BF2 #2 besides changing the name to reflect it being our only BF2 server now. Here is the info for our BF2 servers now: – Hardfought BF2 – [Ranked – Urban maps only] – Hardfought BF2:SF – [Ranked]

You can learn more about or purchase BF2:SF at the Battlefield 2: Special Forces homepage. For information about BF2 Patch 1.12, check out EA’s Community Update – 11/22/05.

To those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a happy and safe turkey day.

Changes to DoD:S server

By K2 on November 15th, 2005 at 1:40 pm EST

Hey gang, just a quick update for ya. We’ve made some changes to the Day of Defeat: Source server, and they appear to have been received well as the server filled up rather quickly once some people logged in and hung out for a bit. Here’s what has been changed:

    Max player count raised to 32.
    Timelimit set to 30 minutes.
    Class restrictions adjusted for increased player count.
    Plugin installed that will record damage/headshot/flag caps/area of body hit in Psychostats (accuracy is still broken).
    Custom maps added to rotation, and fast-downloading *fixed* (hi Suck! :-P ).

Some of the customs you can expect to see are dod_anvil_rc2, dod_omaha_v1, dod_kalt_remakefinal, dod_lerouge, dod_narbeth_b2, and dod_snow_battlefield. Fast downloading has been enabled – the largest file is anvil_rc2, shouldn’t take more than about three minutes to pull down, if that. So go hop on the DoD:S server and play a few rounds, see how she performs, and lemme know what ya think of the new maps in rotation.

Side note – regarding BF2 #1 – I sent in a ticket to our GSP today, asking them to get with EA and figure out why exactly #1 doesn’t show up for everyone like #2 does. We’ll see what happens. That’s all for today folks, have a good week, see ya on the flipside ;-)

Hardfought Clan looking for a pickup

By K2 on November 11th, 2005 at 12:59 pm EST

Hardfought Clan is looking to pickup one or two more for next season (season 4). We’re a tight knit group with a focus on teamwork. We’re practicing this off-season and plan on going CAL-M for season 5.

-Be 18+ Years Old
-Be mature
-Be available for practice Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 6pm – 10pm CST.
-Be a team player

If you’re interested then PM me. There are not going to be official tryouts. We’ll try you out in some scrims and see how it goes.

*We currently have no plans to attend CPL in 2006.

Oh snap!

By K2 on November 9th, 2005 at 11:47 pm EST

Hiya gang… yes it’s me, I am posting news, and no the world is not about to end nor did hell freeze over. Hah ;-P I know it’s been awhile. I’ve just been very very busy lately with work and other things. Went to the E-5 promotion board and passed, then went directly from that to PLDC, which is a manditory sixteen-day course for up and coming NCO’s, and then having to play catch-up at work after coming back. And of course doin’ all sorts of diving every free chance I can. I’ll get my stripes in less than a month from now so things are just gonna get even busier for me, at least starting out. Plus I am working on moving up to North Shore in three weeks time. So yeah, ya wont see me as much til the start of the next year. However…

We’ve got some new things in store for all of ya. Suck wants to revamp the DoD:S server to try and revive it, he has some ideas concerning some custom maps. His computer just took a giant shit less than 24 hours ago so if he can’t do what he wants to do soon, I will try to accomidate him this weekend. Also, we now have a fourth server up (third game box) which will be used for all of our match servers (goin back to two at least for CS:S) and other game titles. It’s located in Houston, TX, and G$ is hosting it for us (thank you Greg!)… your ping to it should be pretty much the same as it is to our existing servers, and be sure to check the msgboard post that goes with this news post for the IP. This one is a beast – it’s the dualie 3GHz Xeon w/ 4GB ram that I had at HF LAN #6. All sorts of horsepower to play with. So expect to see the new match servers up this weekend, and maybe some other surprises as well soon afterwards.

Battlefield 2 – server #2, as always, is doin’ just fine. Why #1 is so hard to keep populated, even when we make it just like #2… well, I am not sure. What I think it is, is that for whatever reason, the IP address that #1 resides on isn’t being reported correctly like #2 is. What I am going to do soon after this post is contact our game server provider and ask them to contact EA to find out exactly what the fuck is goin’ on. I’ll keep ya posted.

One last tidbit before I wrap this up – there’s a site I recently discovered, called Reverb1. It’s like Myspace in a lot of ways (free to sign up and use, blogging, messaging, profiles) but it’s better in a lot of ways. For starters it’s new – not even two months old, there’s less than 300 people on it at the moment. Second, it’s written in PHP, versus ColdFusion/ASPX like Myspace… the site feels real smooth. Third – no fucking ads ;-) And really the best thing are the people I’ve already met, including the owner. Almost all of ’em are from Washington state, but I try not to hold that against ’em… ;-) It caters a lot more to adults, so the blogs ya read and the conversation are a lot better. I tried Myspace a couple months ago because several of my real-life friends are on it, and it’s a good way to keep in touch with some friends ya haven’t seen in a long while, but I didn’t like being bombarded with msgs from people/kids I didn’t even know, and the site being down a lot of times. So if any of ya out there use Myspace, I suggest giving Reverb1 a chance. If ya do, look me up and say hello, I go by my first name there (if ya don’t know it by now, I can’t help you :-P ). Link banner for the place is to the left, can’t miss it.

Alright… that’s all I got for ya for tonight. Check back in a lil while, there will be at the very least a Turkey Day post, and any significant changes to the game servers will be commented on as well. Have a good one gang, see ya online.