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Changes to DoD:S server

By K2 on November 15th, 2005 at 1:40 pm EST

Hey gang, just a quick update for ya. We’ve made some changes to the Day of Defeat: Source server, and they appear to have been received well as the server filled up rather quickly once some people logged in and hung out for a bit. Here’s what has been changed:

    Max player count raised to 32.
    Timelimit set to 30 minutes.
    Class restrictions adjusted for increased player count.
    Plugin installed that will record damage/headshot/flag caps/area of body hit in Psychostats (accuracy is still broken).
    Custom maps added to rotation, and fast-downloading *fixed* (hi Suck! :-P ).

Some of the customs you can expect to see are dod_anvil_rc2, dod_omaha_v1, dod_kalt_remakefinal, dod_lerouge, dod_narbeth_b2, and dod_snow_battlefield. Fast downloading has been enabled – the largest file is anvil_rc2, shouldn’t take more than about three minutes to pull down, if that. So go hop on the DoD:S server and play a few rounds, see how she performs, and lemme know what ya think of the new maps in rotation.

Side note – regarding BF2 #1 – I sent in a ticket to our GSP today, asking them to get with EA and figure out why exactly #1 doesn’t show up for everyone like #2 does. We’ll see what happens. That’s all for today folks, have a good week, see ya on the flipside ;-)