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Hardfought Charlie Squad final picks

By K2 on June 6th, 2005 at 8:02 pm EST

As promised, the final picks from all of the Charlie Squad tryouts are being announced today. We only had room for four of ya, since Phoenix is leaving Bravo Squad to head up Charlie, and SaGe^KS and PUPPY opted in (admins get autoed-in if they want to play and compete… membership has its priviledges as they say). So without further delay, here are the players who showed the right combination of skill, teamwork, and attitude:


Congrats to you four who made the cut… and a big thank you to everyone else who came to tryout. We had a lot of participants and it wasn’t easy at all to make this final selection. Rest assured that if we need more players down the line, some of you who didn’t make this selection will be contacted.

Hardfought’s Charlie Squad will start to compete in CAL-O, season three. That’s all for now folks, and congrats again to those who made the cut.

Countdown to HF LAN #6

By K2 on June 1st, 2005 at 10:24 pm EST

Alright gang, time for the media blitz ;-) It’s now thirty days until HF LAN #6, and this is your wake-up call letting you know the time is now for signing up if you want to attend. Right after this post, I am putting out the same information to several other websites, and will be touting this lan as a CPL boot camp of sorts as well. There are clans interested in attending CPL boot camps, and right about now is the time when they’re gonna start looking for places to play at. So if you haven’t signed up yet and still have the intention to go, now would be a good time to do so.

Details – very little has changed about the LAN since the initial announcement a few months ago. The place will still be at Tru-Gamerz in Plano, TX (see this thread for all the lil details – ), the time will be from July 1st at noon until July 3rd at noon (Friday through Sunday, non-stop), there *will* be a winner-take-all CS: Source tournament CPL/CAL style (details to be annouced soon, think $$$ and prizes), alcohol is allowed (I’m providing a keg free of charge for those of age) and it’s gonna be a damn good time for everyone.

Two new developments concerning the lan, one that’s great and one that’s not so good but minor. The bad part is that we’re not allowed to have spudboy bring his grill :-( Tru-Gamerz has a new owner now, and would prefer that we use their kitchen facility. It’s a business move, can’t really argue with that. The manager did tell me tho that they have a much greater variety in food choices now and that prices are cheaper. So there will be plenty to eat, it’s just that spud wont be cookin’ it. For spud that’s not so bad; at least he’ll get to play more this time around. The good development for this is that we are now being officially sponsored by BFG Tech ( These are the same folks that make all those high-end nVidia-based video cards you’ve probably heard about. They will be providing various prize offerings for the lan. I’ll disclose what those prizes will be later on, just know that there’s gonna be plenty to hand out. That reminds me, I need to get a link banner up for them here pretty soon, heh ;-)

Sooo… go sign up, and do it soon. One last thing, and I made note of this on the signup form – if for whatever reason you’re unable to pay via PayPal for the lan party registration, send me your required info either thru the msgboard here or via email ( and we’ll work somethin’ out, like having you pay at the door, or whatever. I’ll then go ahead and sign ya up manually.

To wrap up – concerning Hardfought Charlie squad, we’re gonna conduct one more tryout here soon to get the last remaining people that couldn’t make our last round of tryouts. Soon after that, we’ll make an annoucement on who we’re choosing. Thanks everybody for your patience regarding this.

That’s all I got for today. Hope to see ya’ll at the lan! Later gang…