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Last minute HF LAN news

By K2 on June 30th, 2005 at 3:29 pm EST

Hi all. Figured it’s about that time to do a quick blurb about HF LAN #6 that’s starting in less than 24 hrs from now ;-) I can’t believe we’re full… I even have a couple people on a waiting list in case someone bows out at the last minute. Crazy shit man… I woulda been happy with fifty of ya showing, hah. All in all it should be a great time. I’m gonna hop a plane here in just a few hours but before I head out, I just wanted to put out that last minute reminder about things.

Things to bring – your computer of course, and all the accessories that go with it, like your gaming mouse/keyboard/mouse pad, all the power cables and surge protectors you’re gonna need, a decent length CAT5 network cable (10-20 feet is good), headphones, blank CD’s and a pillow for your ass in case you wind up sitting for a long amount of time. Also, don’t forget to bring a valid ID at the door so we can verify who ya are, and have at least five bucks cash on hand if ya plan on participating in the CSS tournament… and of course cash for drink/food and what not. Myself, I’ll be bringing all of that plus my camera, and I think there will be some video footage as well.

Time table – the party starts at noon on July 1st (duh :-P), and the CSS tourney will kick off at around 9am on the 2nd, this will give most of ya time to show up and get settled in. We’ll probably do a dbl-elimination type of tournament, time permitting. Maps will be decided right before the tourney starts, gonna let all of the teams participating decide on what they wanna play… most likely the map rotation will mirror that of the upcoming CPL tournament. I’ll start kickin’ people out at noon on the 3rd :-)

Other stuff – SaGe^KS has been working on name tags for everyone as well as getting seating arrangements worked out so there wont be any problems with teams sitting with each other. EML and others are showing up early along with myself to get things setup before the lan kicks off so you all can start gaming the minute ya show up and get set up.

Non-LAN stuff – thx to Suck. for getting the BF2 server up and going the day the full version was available, and thx to the benefactor staff for handling issues as they arose on the CSS pub server while I was away, looks like we’re all good to go as of now… my host has been having network issues lately but luckily they are not constant, so hopefully they’ll have things worked out for good here soon.

Alright… that’s all I got for ya gang. I’m gonna finish packing and getting my shit in order before I fly out. See ya at the lan ;-)

Hardfought BF2 Demo server has retired

By Suck. on June 26th, 2005 at 4:27 pm EST

I’ve pulled the plug on the BF2 Demo server. For those of you who are dissapointed, buy the game and come play on our retail server at

CS:S Server Lag – Resolved

By Suck. on June 26th, 2005 at 12:04 am EST

It was brought to my attention today that we’ve been having some major lag problems on the CS:S servers. Upon investigating, I found that the resources on Jake (the CS:S pub box) were maxed out. I changed the number of players on Hardfought BF2 Public Demo to 24 players, which appears to have completely resolved the lag problem. If there are any futher lag issues, please let us know, and I will either reduce the number of players on the BF2 Demo server to 16 or kill it. We won’t be running it for much longer anyway.

Next, Hardfought will soon be hosting a closed beta test for a new Half-Life 2 mod, Samurai Legends: The Art of War. More info on this will follow. In the mean time, you can find the website here:

Finally, it wouldn’t be a June news post without some mention of the LAN #6. It is officially booked out! All 100 spots have now been filled, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you who will be attending. Sage^KS is designing nametags for those 100 lucky gamers, so if there are any discrepancies between your posted information in the LAN #6 section and what should appear on your nametag, see this post: Preview of Name Tags for HF Lan #6.

Hardfought BF2

By Suck. on June 24th, 2005 at 10:51 pm EST

Hardfought has updated its BF2 demo server to a full Battlefield 2 server as of Wednesday the 22nd: Hardfought BF2 is a 32 player server located at Friendly fire and TK punishment are enabled, as are PunkBuster and VoIP in-game voicecomm. There is no time limit, and there are two rounds per map with 100% ticket ratios.

We are still running a BF2 Demo server though for those of you who are still undecided as to whether you’d like to buy the game: Hardfought BF2 Public Demo is a 32 player server located at The above information carries over, except that there there is a standard 12 minute map timer imposed by the demo.

Our BF2 server is a work in progress. Currently, we are running the full map cycle, but we would like to narrow this down. Settings are also open to tweaking. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for maps you would or would not like to see in a final rotation and settings you would like to see adjusted.

In addition, we’re still on the lookout for potential BF2 admins. One of the best ways to promote yourself as an admin is to help us get to know you. You can do this over the message forums, but especially over IRC. You can find us on GameSurge IRC in channel #hardfought, or if GameSurge is down, on our own IRC server at in channel #hardfought.

Finally, as of this news post, there are only 5 spots remaining for Hardfought LAN #6. If you’re interested in coming, sign up now or never.

Battlefield2 & New Admins (addendum)

By Suck. on June 15th, 2005 at 12:08 am EST

I’d like to add a few details to Sage’s post:

Hardfought BF2 Demo is a 32 player server located at Friendly fire and TK punishment are enabled, as are PunkBuster and VoIP in-game voicecomm. Because of a crackdown by EA, the No Time Limit “hack” has been disabled, so that the 12 minute timer is back. Thanks to K2’s leet skillz, the server is running out of Serverdoc, which will reboot the server quickly should it crash.

In addition to the 5 admins already mentioned, we’re also looking to add a number of BF2 exclusive admins in the coming weeks. If you’d like to nominate someone, or think you’re a good candidate yourself, you can find the announcement here: Looking for BF2 server admins.