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Cheater exposed

By K2 on May 26th, 2005 at 1:28 pm EST

This is one of those kind of posts I don’t like to make, but I’m gonna do it anyways on principal.

A couple days ago, the Mani admin plugin we use was updated to include HLH cheat detection. HLH is one of the more popular hacks out there for both original CS and Source. After being installed for a couple days, I went to check the plugin logs for cheaters it had caught. Unfortunately, one of those caught was one of our very own admins, who was also one of our clan members :-(

So, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise. I did some investigating, and after that was all said and done, I was convinced that the person in question did in fact use HLH on our servers with the intent to cheat… for how long he had been doing this is anyones guess. Regardless, this person has since been removed from the clan, has been removed from the admin staff, and has been banned permanently from all of our servers, both public and private. The CAL has also been notified – his IP address and steamid has been submitted to them along with the proof I have so they know not to allow this person to compete with any other clan in that league. Fortunately for our clan, since I was the one who found out and contacted the CAL about it, and he wasn’t discovered to be cheating during an official match, we wont be penalized in any way. Our record will stand as-is.

One thing folks – I’m not gonna say who it was exactly. I’m sure those of ya that frequent the msgboard, IRC channel and servers will find out soon enough. Let’s just say there’s been enough drama over this internally already. I don’t feel like dealing with any more of it, at least right now. I’m still pissed off about the whole thing, and feel like mine and everyone else’s trust has been betrayed. I don’t like being played the fool.

Sooo… that’s that. Cheater caught, things go back to normal. Well, eventually at least ;-)

Oh, before I go… Charlie squad tryouts start this evening, so those of ya that Phoenix had picked out to tryout today, make sure ya get with him tonight before tryouts start. Good luck to all that participate. See ya gang.