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News is BACK!!

By K2 on May 7th, 2005 at 1:20 am EST

Yeah finally ;-) About time too, eh? Sorry it took so long folks… just had too much on my plate to get it done quickly. Thank SaGe for covering down and archiving all of the old news to the new system. I’ll have the new archive display up sometime… I wanna say ‘soon’ but ya know how that goes, hah ;-) The archive actually works right now, I just need to change the layout so it fits the site. Also, here very soon, you’re going to start seeing news posts from people other than myself, covering a variety of topics. So be ready for a lot more to read here. You’ll also notice that you’re seeing some past posts… the new system is setup to display the last seven posts, then archives the rest. With the number of new posts about to start being generated, I may have to bump up that number… we’ll see. Sooo, let’s see what else we have that’s news-worthy today…

Hardfought CSS servers – we’ve just finished making some changes to all three to help keep player traffic. I’m gonna break it down and assume the reader has no idea what I’m talking about :-P Hardfought I now has the ‘I’ in it’s name, map rotation is currently dust/dust2/office/italy/aztec only, 20 min map time, 2 min 30 sec round times, 5 sec freezetime, etc. Hardfought II is currently *exactly like* HF I, same maps and everything, just that the map cycle is a bit different. Hardfought III… well we tried going the custom map only route with it, and it didn’t quite pan out, so we’re switching HF III back to a stock maps only server, but custom maps can still be voted upon. When Valve releases de_inferno, which should be next week, you’ll see HF I and II incorporate that map into it’s standard rotation.

Hardfought Clan – quite a few developments for the team since I last posted about ’em… we’ve got two squads now (alpha and bravo), with alpha squad competing in both the CAL-Main league and the upcoming summer CPL tournament. Bravo squad is heading up the CAL-Open league. Both teams have had a couple trials and tribulations but are coming into their own and should do well. Expect to see news posts from one of the clan members on how both squads are doing as they progress.

That’s all I have at the moment… don’t wanna post everything in one big post ;-) Just be sure to stay tuned… lots more info to be put out, on a regular basis from here on out. See ya gang, and have a good weekend.