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More new admins, DAoC screenshots, etc

By K2 on December 23rd, 2001 at 6:19 pm EST

Hey gang… hope you’re kicking off X-mas right. By looking at the latest voting poll I’d say most of you ARE… :-P

We have ourselves another new admin to help out with the Return to Castle Wolfenstein ports. Give a nice big welcome to EatMoreLead. May God have mercy on all of us, ROFL… :-) EML has been a regular to Hardfought since back in the early days when I was hosting CounterStrike here. We couldn’t seem to get rid of him so we just accepted the fact that he’d be around forever. Heheh… nah EML is a good guy. Don’t give him too much grief on the RtCW ports, but please feel free to frag him as much as possible. Welcome aboard EML!!

Oh yeah… since id released another RtCW multiplayer test, they added a new map to the mix called ‘Trench Toast’ and I have that map in rotation on both ports. You can get that map right here from the ‘Files’ section to the left. This map is one of those nice big outdoor-type maps with plenty of room to run around in. Also a sniper’s dream :-) Go ahead and download it and give her a try, lemme know whatcha think.

To some of the new regulars who are starting to drop by, you may (or may not) be interested to know that we have our own Dark Age of Camelot guild here consisting of quite a few of the old-timer regs from Hardfought. I’ve been playing that game quite a bit and have taken a ton of screenshots. If you wanna see what DAoC looks like, head over to the ‘Pictures’ section to the left… I’ve posted over eighty screenshots so far and plan to add more as time goes by. Those pictures will start to look even better once my new GeForce Ti500 gets here. Wee!

That’s all I got for ya tonight folks. Hope you have a happy holiday break and stuff. By the way – go see the new Lord of the Rings movie. I saw it this afternoon and while I feel some parts went by way too quickly (I just finished re-reading the series recently from twenty years ago) it still captures the essence of the story very well. This film is a must-see, so go do it. See ya online…


New game port up, new admin

By K2 on December 16th, 2001 at 11:34 am EST

Quick news update for ya so you know what’s goin’ on… I added a second Return to Castle Wolfenstein port this morning on port 27962. It’s already full :-P I’ve also added a new game port monitor complements of Lt. Christy over from Force 137. It’s pretty slick, so go check it out, just follow the ‘Game Status’ link to the left.

In light of the RtCW gaining in popularity, I’ve brought on board another admin to help out with keeping the peace and making sure things go smooth on those ports. Give a big welcome to CaRnAgE should you happen to see him online playing. Welcome aboard guy!

I added a new voting poll, so go vote :-P Oh damn almost forgot… I came across a couple .pk3 files for RtCW that replaces a lot of the Axis graphics with more realistic versions. Such as the actual Nazi flag instead of that eagle thing id decided to put in, and both Allied and Axis solders have more realistic uniform markings… stuff like that. If realism is your thing, download these .pk3 files and place them in your ../main folder along with the other game .pk3 files. You don’t need these to play on the RtCW ports… if you opt not to use them, the game will look as it came out of the box. These were created by CoolSpy… I don’t have a weblink for this person, sorry :-/ I’ll have these files up in our downloads section soon after this post, so keep an eye out.

Have a good weekend folks, see you soon…


Hi there…

By K2 on December 12th, 2001 at 9:37 pm EST

Gasp, argh. K2 decides to do a news post again finally :-P

Sorry I’ve been ‘away’ the past few weeks. Just haven’t felt the drive to mess with the site lately. Work has been piling on, been out trying to get back more of the social life I once had many many moons ago… ya know how that goes. Or maybe you don’t. Anyways…

Hardfought CounterStrike is officially retired, for good. Ever since I brought the box back up at it’s new location, everyone was expecting everything to be the same as it was before in terms of ping and that just wasn’t gonna happen. I knew it… some of the rest of ya knew it. Oh well. Ping can make or break a server as we all know… and over time my user base has slowly dwindled away. That, plus rampant cheating (don’t even get me started there) and trying to implement ways to counter-act those cheats without totally lagging out the server… it just aint worth my time anymore. The past 2-3 weeks, traffic to the CS port was minimal at best, so I made the decision to drop it completely. If that makes you upset, I apologize, but hey… you weren’t really playing there anymore anyways. Besides, this year has seen a whole new crop of exciting new game titles to hit the shelves, including Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The public port for that game that I brought up a few weeks ago has been almost non-stop packed.

Hmmm… maybe a less-than-stellar ping doesn’t make or break a server after all, eh?

Out with the old, in with the new I suppose. Go buy RtCW and try her out. The gameplay may not be exactly to your liking (class-based instead of just CT’s or T’s) but the graphics are *stunning* and the cheats are very few. I had also kicked around the idea of possibly running an Operation Flashpoint or Ghost Recon port, but either the player base is too weak or the server-side setup is all outta whack. And then of course there’s always the PING issue… *sigh* I don’t think I’ll be bringing up anymore new FPS ports until I find another home for the server. And that may not happen at all… I kinda enjoy not having to pay a monthly co-hosting fee anymore :-) We’ll see gang…

But anywho – I’ve enjoyed for the most part being a part of the CS scene and hosting one of the best CS servers around. I hope all of you enjoyed your time here as well. You’re all more than welcome to make the RtCW port your home if you wanna try something new. If you feel you must move on, that’s fine too… it was nice hosting for you.

So, you may ask yourself what I might have planned for Hardfought in the future. Right now I dunno for sure. RtCW is doin’ ok so I am just gonna let it coast for the time being. Hardly any of the RtCW players visit here I think… heh :-) I still wanna host Halo once it’s released on the PC platform, but I wanna be on a better network connection as well. Neverwinter Nights is very much still a go in my book. I’m playing Dark Age of Camelot right now to appease my RPG cravings in the meantime. A rather significant number of HF regs have made their way over to the Guinevere server in the realm of Midgard to form a guild and play. Feel free to hop on in and join in the fun. Expect to see some changes to the site here to reflect the DAoC Hardfought guild over the holidays.

That’s all for now gang. I’ll be making a new voting poll soon and some other changes around here, updates, spring cleaning, etc. Have fun at whatever game you decide to play. See ya online…