More new admins, DAoC screenshots, etc

By K2 on December 23rd, 2001 at 6:19 pm EST

Hey gang… hope you’re kicking off X-mas right. By looking at the latest voting poll I’d say most of you ARE… :-P

We have ourselves another new admin to help out with the Return to Castle Wolfenstein ports. Give a nice big welcome to EatMoreLead. May God have mercy on all of us, ROFL… :-) EML has been a regular to Hardfought since back in the early days when I was hosting CounterStrike here. We couldn’t seem to get rid of him so we just accepted the fact that he’d be around forever. Heheh… nah EML is a good guy. Don’t give him too much grief on the RtCW ports, but please feel free to frag him as much as possible. Welcome aboard EML!!

Oh yeah… since id released another RtCW multiplayer test, they added a new map to the mix called ‘Trench Toast’ and I have that map in rotation on both ports. You can get that map right here from the ‘Files’ section to the left. This map is one of those nice big outdoor-type maps with plenty of room to run around in. Also a sniper’s dream :-) Go ahead and download it and give her a try, lemme know whatcha think.

To some of the new regulars who are starting to drop by, you may (or may not) be interested to know that we have our own Dark Age of Camelot guild here consisting of quite a few of the old-timer regs from Hardfought. I’ve been playing that game quite a bit and have taken a ton of screenshots. If you wanna see what DAoC looks like, head over to the ‘Pictures’ section to the left… I’ve posted over eighty screenshots so far and plan to add more as time goes by. Those pictures will start to look even better once my new GeForce Ti500 gets here. Wee!

That’s all I got for ya tonight folks. Hope you have a happy holiday break and stuff. By the way – go see the new Lord of the Rings movie. I saw it this afternoon and while I feel some parts went by way too quickly (I just finished re-reading the series recently from twenty years ago) it still captures the essence of the story very well. This film is a must-see, so go do it. See ya online…