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New game port up, new admin

By K2 on December 16th, 2001 at 11:34 am EST

Quick news update for ya so you know what’s goin’ on… I added a second Return to Castle Wolfenstein port this morning on port 27962. It’s already full :-P I’ve also added a new game port monitor complements of Lt. Christy over from Force 137. It’s pretty slick, so go check it out, just follow the ‘Game Status’ link to the left.

In light of the RtCW gaining in popularity, I’ve brought on board another admin to help out with keeping the peace and making sure things go smooth on those ports. Give a big welcome to CaRnAgE should you happen to see him online playing. Welcome aboard guy!

I added a new voting poll, so go vote :-P Oh damn almost forgot… I came across a couple .pk3 files for RtCW that replaces a lot of the Axis graphics with more realistic versions. Such as the actual Nazi flag instead of that eagle thing id decided to put in, and both Allied and Axis solders have more realistic uniform markings… stuff like that. If realism is your thing, download these .pk3 files and place them in your ../main folder along with the other game .pk3 files. You don’t need these to play on the RtCW ports… if you opt not to use them, the game will look as it came out of the box. These were created by CoolSpy… I don’t have a weblink for this person, sorry :-/ I’ll have these files up in our downloads section soon after this post, so keep an eye out.

Have a good weekend folks, see you soon…