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Early Monday morning news

By K2 on July 2nd, 2001 at 12:39 am EST

DAMMIT!! :-P I was kinda hoping to squeeze in a news post before midnight but there’s just no way. I wanted to watch the S-audiks/3dL match first before I posted anything here. With that being said…

3d Llama’s defeated Semiaudiks less than an hour ago on as_forest by a total score of 18-8. S-audiks actually won the second half but it was too little, too late. 3dL is now the Hardfought CS Invitational Tournament reigning Winner’s Bracket Champion… way to go 3dL!! Their match with S-audiks was a good one to watch, especially towards the end. S-audiks now drops down to the Loser’s Bracket to play FDA this coming weekend… the winner of that match-up will go on to play WTF. TsK and HFC will also play out their match this weekend, and the winner of that outcome will battle it out with Royal Assassins the week after. The rest of ya still left get a break this time around, and some of you will have a couple weeks off. I’ll be in contact with each of you shortly about your upcoming matches.

Ooooh… and speaking of the Hardfought CS tourney… I finally found us a sponsor :-) Can you guess who that might be? Take a look underneath the hit counter… got a new button there. Clicking on that will take you right to the [H]ardOCP website, one of the best hardware sites on the web. I ran into Kyle Bennet (Kyle *is* [H]ardOCP) at the CPL 4-year anniversary event this past weekend, and he just happened to remember that email I sent to him a few weeks ago asking for sponsorship. Sooo… [H]ardOCP will be giving me 10-12 RatPadz total to hand out to both the Winner’s Bracket and Loser’s Bracket Champions… cool eh? :-) If you use a mouse, you want a RatPadz mouse surface underneath it. I’m still trying to think of something extra-cool for the overall winner of the tournament… we still got about a month to go, so we’ll see what I can scrounge up.

Some of ya may or may not have noticed by now… but last night, I brought up a *second* public CounterStrike port, Called Hardfought CounterStrike-II, same IP address as the original but on port 27025. This public port is exactly the same as the first one in all areas. I brought this port up due to an increasing demand for those of you who always have trouble getting into the main public port. I’ve been aware for quite awhile how hard it is to get into the main CS port, even for those with reserved spots. Now you got a place to go if you can’t get into the main CS port. Usage has been sporadic… it hasn’t been full yet but it has gotten close a couple times already and that’s with zero advertising. The original Hardfought CS port took awhile to get full 24/7 as well… I imagine we’ll see the same with this port, but at an even faster rate than before. If it seems like the server can handle the load without any undue side effects (and so far it’s looking to turn out that way) then I’ll keep this second CS public port up permanently. In light of this – the Hardfought Quake3 CTF/DM/TDM match port has been taken down to free up CPU/memory resources, and will be brought up by request only.

New maps… yes, we have new maps available again! :-P Last night I installed all the maps from the latest CounterMap map pack, which can be found in our ‘Files’ section of course… it’s in two parts, so be sure to download both file archives. The new map names are de_celtic, de_rise, cs_india, cs_dune, de_village, cs_winternights, de_tombraid, de_storm and de_maresa. As with all custom maps, you can vote to play them but they are not in the normal map rotation. A couple of these maps already made their way into past map packs which Hardfought already has on the server… and a couple of them do have some known problems, but for the life of me I can’t remember what those maps are, so if you know… lemme know, please.

To wrap up – YES stats have been reset :-) I’ll have the who’s who for the month of June posted shortly after this news post. And, a new custom.hpk file can be had, and can be downloaded from here… just look up top and to the right for the link. I finally got around to adding more of those custom sprays everyone keeps sending me :-) I’ll also have some CPL pics to share with everyone as well, but that wont be until after the 4th. Have a happy and safe July 4th holiday folks… see ya soon.