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Mega-News Monday

By K2 on July 30th, 2001 at 9:45 pm EST

Oh my… got a bunch of goodies for all of you today :-P

First off – Nexus and Semiaudiks played last night to determine who would face off against TsK next week in the Hardfought Invitational CS Tournament Loser’s Bracket finals. S-audiks pulled off a 18-8 win against Nexus. Both teams played a tough game… I got to watch this one. Sooo… two more matches left gang, this weekend and next. I’ll announce what the prizes will be once the tourney ends (courtesy of [H]ardOCP!!). Will there be a Hardfought Invitational CS Tournament 2? Yeah probably so. But not until after the next topic on the list…

Hardfought LAN Party – a couple developments have happened recently for the good for our first LAN. A few days ago I was contacted by Yalester, who plays with the ATF clan… I’m sure you’ve seen a few of them on the server. Anyways, Yalester helps head up the FragWire gaming website and associated LAN party that they host. Their first one ever was held just a couple weeks ago here in the Dallas area, and it seems to have been quite a success. Yalester asked me if I’d be interested in consolidating his next event and the Hardfought LAN Party into one big giant kick-ass event. After speaking to him for quite some time on the phone, we agreed to merge the two somewhat. This in turn has bumped the official date forward to the weekend of October 19th-21st. I’ll go into more details about this later… there are still things he and I need to iron out as far as everything goes, but the location, equipment and date/time are already set. FragWire hosts their own tournament and I know I was planning on holding a mixed-clan HF regulars tourney as well… heh. There’s so many possibilities to this it’s staggering. More details to come… and be sure to check out the FragWire website.

I added another MRTG script to the ‘Server Status’ link… a continuous ping probe, from the game server to a core UUNet backbone router which almost all traffic must pass through to get to the Hardfought game server. It’s a pretty good indicator when UUNet is lagging everyone out and for how long. Trend seems to be from anywhere between 8pm to midnight CST :-/ Hasn’t been too bad past couple of days. I got half a mind to call UUNet’s networking team here in Dallas and have them take a look at the data generated, maybe they’ll try to do something about it. Anyways… one more data graph for all of ya to look at :-)

A new voting poll has been created, and various discussions about each poll on the msgboard have been started to go along with them :-P Be sure to cast your vote *and* opinions about each poll. Both of these are kinda important and will have a direct bearing on the game server once enough votes have been cast.

Oh yeah… I took de_heat out of map rotation, because a lot of you still seem to not have the correct version, and this in turn clears out the port sometimes. You can still call a vote to play it, of course. If you’re missing de_heat, go to the ‘Files’ section here to get a copy of it. I finished revamping that section a couple days ago, should be much easier to navigate now and find what you’re looking for.

That’s all I got for ya today, folks. Stats will be reset and July’s data posted here in the next couple days, so stay tuned for that. See ya online…