Quick Tuesday map update

By K2 on July 24th, 2001 at 4:56 pm EST

Heya people, just a quick blurb for ya concerning both public CS ports. After watching HF 2 clear itself out after maps like de_bahrain and the like load up (you know you can vote, right? :-P) and discussing the matter with a few Hardfought regulars in IRC last night, I’ve made the following changes to the map rotation. HF 1 – brought back de_dust and added as_forest (I’m now probably PUPPY’s new best friend again, rofl). HF 2 – removed cs_galleon-f, de_bahrain and de_rise from rotation. Now, those of you who play in the CAL CS leagues will like this one… I added to rotation de_inferno_build22, de_clan1_mill and de_clan2_fire_build11. I also added as_forest, de_luxor and brought back de_dust. Hopefully these changes will make you the CS community a bit more happy. If you play in the CAL CS leagues, be sure to tell your clanmates there’s a public server that runs the CAL required tourney maps in rotation, and it’s right here at Hardfought.

As usual, all the maps listed here are available for download in the ‘Files’ section here. Have fun…