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Nexus takes #1 spot OGL CCTF ladder

By K2 on December 12th, 2000 at 11:40 pm EST

WOW… not kidding folks… we just got through playing Immortal COIL for the #1 spot on the OGL Classic CTF ladder, and it was a *very* intense match. Lots of damn good plays by both sides. Nexus won the match by a score of 7-4, and we’re now #1 on OGL CCTF ladder… way to go Nexus! :-P Kudos to COIL for playing a very good game… it’s always a tough game playing those guys and this was no exception. We’re gonna have to keep in shape, because they are very capable of taking the #1 spot back. Good game COIL!! Stats and a screenshot of the match are available in our ‘Battles’ section.

Our RA3 match with Damage, Inc has been postponed until tomorrow night at 10:00pm EST… *whew* We had about 20 minutes after our CCTF match to get ready for RA3, and luckily DI was all for waiting until tomorrow. Soooo… I’ll have news about that match posted after we play.

There’s some nice developments happening with the Hardfought CounterStrike port… more on that at a later time. I need food! See ya online peeps…


Q3comp 1.29d pk3 file released

By K2 on December 9th, 2000 at 9:47 pm EST

Just a quick heads-up for all of you who play matches on the Hardfought CTF Match port… I saw over on the Q3Comp website today that they have released a sort-of add-on pk3 file (1.29d) that corrects a bug in 1.29b… here’s the scoop straight for Reactive Software…

Well unfortunately 1.29b has a nasty bug that sometimes causes jump or fire to stop working. :| I was trying to get rid of the button sticking problem you sometimes get at the start of a match, but this is far worse. 1.29d removes that code and has some other changes for the CPL. Because of this bug you can probably expect 1.30b sometime soon. gg me.

I’ve already updated the match port with the 1.29d pk3 file, so be sure to download it ASAP… it’s to be placed in your ..\q3comp folder to take the place of the q3comp129b.pk3 file… so be sure to *remove* the older file.

Me and HaDeS are gonna go see that Dungeons & Dragons movie here pretty soon… ooh boy can’t wait :-) See ya soon…


CounterStrike port is UP, match news

By K2 on December 9th, 2000 at 1:44 am EST

Well I finally did it… I went out and purchased Half Life, installed it on the server and started up a CounterStrike 1.0 port. I don’t even play counterstrike… heh :-P The reason why it’s up is because it’s part of the agreement I have with Directlink and the server co-location deal I have with them. I’m running a front-end script program called AdminMod version 2.10 on that port as well… gives the dedicated port some extra advanced functions… which I found out earlier this evening was kicking people for using profanity and also seemed to be randomly initiating votes to kick players… neat. I’ve nipped both of those in the proverbial ‘bud’ so cuss all ya want, and you shouldn’t have to worry about being voted off the server :-) If anyone reading this happens to play ½ life, please lemme know what I can do to make the CS port better (special thanks to Dekard and Meth_SP for the help they’ve given me so far)… I’ve never played before until today (got my ass handed to me… it was funny). I’ll setup a CS forum on the msgboard later this evening specifically for feedback. I’ve also included the current map rotation list, which you can find to the lower right. Oh yeah… I’m trying to find a browser plugin like q3plug for ½ life… and also got my eye on a couple different real-time stats parsers for the CS port. Anyways, I must have set somethin’ up right… port hasn’t even been up for 24 hours yet and it’s been full since about 7pm yesterday… no advertising either until now :-P So if ya like ½ life, ya got one more server to frag on… enjoy.

Nexus news – we played Death in Disguise the other night for their spot on the OGL RA3 open team ladder, winning both rounds for the victory. Good game DID (hiya Doonga!!) and thx for a good game. Our record is now 1/1 for RA3… yay. Stats and screenshots can be found in the ‘Battles’ sections. Speaking of stats… yeah they are all there now, but you may have noticed they aren’t as polished as the very first set. They *will* be cleaned up soon, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet… it’s a helluva lot of HTML editing. Anyways… after our win we promptly challenged Damage, Inc… lookin’ like we’re to play this coming Tuesday December 12th at 11:30pm EST. On the CCTF front… Immortal COIL just defeated MaD earlier this evening, taking the #1 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder. We have challenged them for #1 :-) They haven’t accepted yet, so no definite times to post for what should be a *great* matchup… don’t worry, as soon as I find out, I’ll post it.

And speaking of Classic CTF… lately I have been a bit perplexed at the lack of support for the mod. Out of all the 20-30 CCTF servers out there, it’s a miracle to find more than two ports with people playing on them at the same time… at least in the states. Both Barrysworld CCTF servers across the pond in the UK get some decent playing time… according to the CLQ about 65,000 minutes total between the two. The Springfield CCTF server beats both of those combined with almost 80,000 minutes, making it the most popular CCTF server anywhere… and it doesn’t even seem to be able to stay UP half the time. The Atheos CCTF server comes in at around 35,000 minutes and everyone else falls short… I think the Hardfought CCTF port comes in at around 10,000 minutes? Anyways… the point I am trying to make here is that *all* of the other Hardfought ports get a decent amount of use EXCEPT for the CCTF port. So in light of that, when Team Arena hits the store shelves this month (it went gold a couple days ago if you didn’t already know by now) I will replace the CCTF port with Team Arena, on port 27960. The Team Arena demo port at 27999 will still stay up for about 2-3 weeks afterwards… that should be enough of a transition period, and let everyone have a chance to buy the add-on. I’ll still have a CCTF match port available for use, but it will only be brought up by request only.

G’nite folks… see ya later.


Bunch O’ News Tuesday

By K2 on December 5th, 2000 at 9:54 pm EST

GAH!! :-P Big newsposts cut into my quake-playin’ time… so I try to type really really fast…

Let’s see, where to start… ah yeah… the Saturday Night Game… coulda been better, but that’s OK. We had enough people show to play two full games. Things didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped, but that was actually expected… got a better idea of what would be a better way to handle the next Game. Some changes would be letting everyone pick the map played instead of just picking it randomly, and maybe making the timelimit a bit shorter… more like 15 minutes. Also had a bit of a problem with a couple people from a clan trying to join up and disrupt the first game we had started, but that was easily taken care of… so hats off to PrincessWendy and his/her other clanmate for being Hardfought’s first and only two IP bans on the server… rofl ;-) You really gotta fuck up in a big way to get a ban… good job you two :-P Anyways… I had to play to help fill out the teams, and sat out when I could… next time I’d like to be able to just watch and let newer people play. Hopefully this Saturday we’ll have a better turnout and things will be a bit more organized.

The next night was our OGL CCTF match with XcP… we ran into a *bit* of trouble trying to find a server where we could vote for admin on and where pings were as even as possible… as soon as the feet-dragging ended we wound up playing on the Springfield public CCTF port (their match port is down… dunno why, wish it was back up)… the public got to watch this one, but luckily we could lock the teams so there wasn’t any interference (side note – the lack of CCTF match servers is kinda distressing, especially since the RD match port is down, which seems to be almost equal pings for most people… if you’re a server admin, take note, we *need* a couple more match ports). Map played was Twice as Hard (cctf2), and XcP got off to a quick start, getting the first cap… so we answered back with 16 of our own, winning by a total score of 16-1. Nexus now takes the #3 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder, with a record of 2-0 on that ladder. Good game XcP, we hope to play you again sometime.

We’re *finally* gonna have stats posted of every scrim/match played, thanks to CyBorge pointing out a small detail I had neglected to notice when compiling stats… yay Cy!! :-) Soooo… later on this evening after I finish this newspost and get a bite to eat I’ll finish the statistics, so go check our ‘Battles’ page for full stats on ALL of our games played. All future matches and scrims played will also have stats posted. Also… in the works is a real-time stats parser for the server ports at Hardfought… we will probably be the first server around that will have stats for CCTF *and* Team Arena that you can view in real time… I’ll keep ya posted on how that pans out.

Q3Comp released version 1.28b the other day, so I’ll be upgrading the match port shortly, so be sure to visit their site and get the upgrade… it has a couple more bug fixes and a lot of spectator/ui enhancements. One other thing about the match port… since I had received a couple requests for it, I went out and downloaded *every* single CTF map that’s on the list for match play on the OGL, BCTFL, Fall Festival of Flags (, the Demoplex Invitational, the XTGL and the CPL… so if you play in any of those leagues/ladders, the Hardfought CTF Match port has all of the maps required for official play. Remember, that port can also be used for Team DM, 1vs1 and instagib so if there are custom maps required for match play for those modes of play, please lemme know, I’ll upload the required maps. EDIT – This just in… Q3Comp released 1.29b this evening, which has even more bug fixes and features, including a player-induced timeout command, further enhanced spectating, and now client IP logging… w0oP! Upgrading the server very soon… so be sure to download 1.29b right away.

Nexus has an OGL RA3 open team match coming up tomorrow on the 6th at 10:00pm EST against Death in Disguise for their spot on that ladder… hopefully we’ll improve our record somewhat this time around :-P Check back in a couple days for more news and come back here in a couple hours for stats… muhahah! :-) See ya…


RA3 Match results, CCTF ‘Saturday Night Game’

By K2 on December 1st, 2000 at 11:58 pm EST

Well we played Vengeance not Violence yesterday on the OGL RA3 open team ladder… they won both maps, giving Nexus our first official loss as a team… oh well :-) They played a pretty good game. Dunno if we’ve been challenged yet… if not we’ll challenge up again and hope for a better game. Good job VnV.

On to more interesting things… earlier this evening a few of met in #the_nexus to discuss the CCTF ‘Saturday Night Game’… this is an idea that was cooked up by ShowGirl, who I’m sure many of you CCTF regulars have seen quite often. She had the idea of setting up a weekly game to where people who aren’t in clans get together for a series of pickup games once a week, in a way that’s a bit more structured than your typical public pickup game. Word was sent out for help from the CCTF community, so we’ve offered up the Hardfought CCTF port as one of the places to hold the ‘Saturday Night Game’ … here’s what we’ve got outlined so far…

The Saturday Night Game is primarily for players who are NOT affiliated with a clan, however, the game is open for anybody to participate in.

Anybody who wants to play is welcome… for now just show up. In the near future Thumper from the CCTF mod team will have a sign up sheet accessible via the CCTF website from which we’ll determine teams.

Who plays who will be decided in the following manner – all the players names will be written down and placed in a hat, and will be drawn at random… all odd numbered players drawn will go to red, all even numbered players will go to blue. This will be done for EVERY game played… this way every single game will have a completely different lineup than the last.

Map played will also be determined at random – only CCTF maps (one thru ten) will be chosen from… this will also be done for EVERY single game played.

Matches played will loosely follow guidelines based off of OGL ladder rules – exact CCTF settings are as follows… 20 min timelimit, no caplimit, no fraglimit, powershield OFF, quadrespawn set to 90 seconds, quad factor set to 4x, and in the event of a tie, the game will go into suddendeath (next cap wins). Teams will be 4vs4 minimum, but can be as high as 6vs6 depending on the amount of available players.

One thing that will NOT be like the OGL but more like rules is this… all matches WILL be played on servers designated for the Saturday Night Game ONLY… right now that’s only the Hardfought CCTF port, but we expect more admins to follow suit, so we should have plenty of servers to hold these games on.

Spectators will be allowed to watch (that’s half the fun :-P) but admins overlooking the Game should be sure to lockteams at gamestart and also mute spectators so they cannot interfere with the people playing.

That’s the gist of it… the first Saturday Night Game kicks off tomorrow night at 9:00pm EST on the Hardfought CCTF server port, so be sure to hang out in #the_nexus before gametime if you wanna participate. I’ll be the admin this time around, and I’ll try to help things start off smoothly :-) I’ll be recording demo’s of each map played as well as taking and posting screenshots, which will be posted here. On clan people playing – we’d like to keep it down to only one clan person per team each time… the Saturday Night Game is to help promote the CCTF mod to the general public, and to try and get more people interested in the game overall. This will give those people a chance to play some fun games with a lot less chance of getting run over constantly by the more experienced players out there, and is also a good way for clans to do some scouting for fresh members. So, with that being said… if you are in a CCTF clan, and try to pass off as a no-name using an unknown alias… please don’t. This is to help ALL of us overall, so please abide by the guidelines set. Besides… we’re also working on a CCTF clan scrimmage ring of sorts, which is for clans only… weekly scrims between clans on a regular basis, kinda like what we’re doing here with the Saturday Night Game. You’ll get your chance then :-P
Ooooh Kay… that’s all for tonight… I’ll spread the word about the Game to a few Quake news sites if Kid-Rash hasn’t already beat me to it… heh :-) Special thanks to ShowGirl, Kid-Rash, Foofoo, Thumper, clan Nexus, and everyone else who showed up this evening to help with getting things ready for ‘the Game’ (remember the movie ‘Mystery Alaska? heheh…). More news soon… cya.