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Nexus defends #1 on OGL CCTF ladder, new member

By K2 on December 23rd, 2000 at 2:56 pm EST

Hello!! Heh… *finally* on Christmas break… still need to do some X-Mas shopping. But first, the news…

First off, I’d like to officially welcome our newest member to the clan, Nemesis. He used to play with most of us when we were in that *other* clan… rofl. Nemesis is now back on the scene with a new connect so if you play CCTF, beware :-) The roster has been updated to reflect our newest addition. If you see Nem, tell ’em congrats!

Our OGL CCTF match against the Masters of Destruction was rescheduled for last night. After the usual delay (these things never start on time, do they?) we got started, with MaD coming on strong and getting three quick caps on us. Eventually Nexus got into the groove and came back to win it, 9-6. DAMN close game, too… we really didn’t pull ahead until the last couple minutes of the game. MaD had one player who accidentally disconnected towards the end of the match… fortunately he was able to reconnect quickly. I personally didn’t play but it was fun to watch via gamespy… everyone in the IRC channel was like ‘ok what’s the score now!?’ heheh :-P Very good game MaD, looking forward to our next meeting. As always, a screenshot and stats of the game can be found in our ‘Battles’ section.

On the server front… boy, I’ll tell ya what… id really screwed things up for server admins script wise by making the generated q3config.cfg file execute LAST instead of FIRST like usual. I had a helluva time getting a map rotation script to stick on the Team Arena port… had to restart the port 4 times the other night, pretty much cleared it out (if you were playing then, I apologize… it’s all fixed now). After reviewing player feedback and watching who stays and who goes during which map/gametype loads, I’ve revised the Team Arena map rotation to be CTF and one flag CTF only, with most of the maps being normal CTF. I’ve also increased the frequency of the all-terrain maps… man, those are fun and *nice* to look at… id did a real good job on those in my opinion. And the chaingun… muhahahah >:-) Also, the RA3 port has been upgraded to the 1.27g point release with the RA3 1.4 patch. The CTF Match port has also been upgraded to the new point release and Q3Comp version 2.02b… that means *all* of the Hardfought quake3 ports are 1.27g compliant. So go upgrade.

There will be some cleanup of the stats pages in the ‘Battles’ section as well as some other cosmetic improvements/additions over the holidays. I’m also seriously looking at a real-time stats program for the Hardfought CounterStrike port and implementing it *very* soon, so stay tuned. Later…