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CounterStrike game statistics

By K2 on December 26th, 2000 at 3:34 pm EST

Just a quick heads up… the Hardfought CounterStrike port now has real-time statistics, which are updated once every 24 hours at 12:00am midnight, CST. You can see the stats by following the ‘Game Statistics’ link to the left. By default it shows the top 50 players but you can search via name to see what your rank is compared to everyone else. Also, clicking on your name will show you all *sorts* of individual stats… pretty neat. The stats program being used is called Inteli-Stats… the programmers for Inteli-Stats say their next version will also support Quake3 as well as allow customizable HTML output… hopefully that will be released soon. Sooo… if you play CS, go take a look and see how well you do :-)


Merry Christmas!!

By K2 on December 25th, 2000 at 6:54 pm EST

From me and everyone else from Clan Nexus, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas. HaDeS and I exchanged gifts this morning, had X-Mas dinner at 2:00pm (I still can’t move I am sooo stuffed) and called friends and family… had a few free minutes so I thought I’d do this post. Have a safe and happy holiday peeps, see ya online.


Nexus defends #1 on OGL CCTF ladder, new member

By K2 on December 23rd, 2000 at 2:56 pm EST

Hello!! Heh… *finally* on Christmas break… still need to do some X-Mas shopping. But first, the news…

First off, I’d like to officially welcome our newest member to the clan, Nemesis. He used to play with most of us when we were in that *other* clan… rofl. Nemesis is now back on the scene with a new connect so if you play CCTF, beware :-) The roster has been updated to reflect our newest addition. If you see Nem, tell ’em congrats!

Our OGL CCTF match against the Masters of Destruction was rescheduled for last night. After the usual delay (these things never start on time, do they?) we got started, with MaD coming on strong and getting three quick caps on us. Eventually Nexus got into the groove and came back to win it, 9-6. DAMN close game, too… we really didn’t pull ahead until the last couple minutes of the game. MaD had one player who accidentally disconnected towards the end of the match… fortunately he was able to reconnect quickly. I personally didn’t play but it was fun to watch via gamespy… everyone in the IRC channel was like ‘ok what’s the score now!?’ heheh :-P Very good game MaD, looking forward to our next meeting. As always, a screenshot and stats of the game can be found in our ‘Battles’ section.

On the server front… boy, I’ll tell ya what… id really screwed things up for server admins script wise by making the generated q3config.cfg file execute LAST instead of FIRST like usual. I had a helluva time getting a map rotation script to stick on the Team Arena port… had to restart the port 4 times the other night, pretty much cleared it out (if you were playing then, I apologize… it’s all fixed now). After reviewing player feedback and watching who stays and who goes during which map/gametype loads, I’ve revised the Team Arena map rotation to be CTF and one flag CTF only, with most of the maps being normal CTF. I’ve also increased the frequency of the all-terrain maps… man, those are fun and *nice* to look at… id did a real good job on those in my opinion. And the chaingun… muhahahah >:-) Also, the RA3 port has been upgraded to the 1.27g point release with the RA3 1.4 patch. The CTF Match port has also been upgraded to the new point release and Q3Comp version 2.02b… that means *all* of the Hardfought quake3 ports are 1.27g compliant. So go upgrade.

There will be some cleanup of the stats pages in the ‘Battles’ section as well as some other cosmetic improvements/additions over the holidays. I’m also seriously looking at a real-time stats program for the Hardfought CounterStrike port and implementing it *very* soon, so stay tuned. Later…


Server update, Nexus news, CS admin

By K2 on December 19th, 2000 at 9:43 pm EST

Hi gang… sorry for the four day wait on news, but it’s been super busy around here :-/ Welp, down to business…

First off… I’d like to introduce the person who has been helping us admin the Hardfought CounterStrike port… Vicious-=CDH=-. He’s a forum moderator at the Counter-Server website. I posted there looking for help on setup and actively watching the CS port, and although most of the replies I received were good, his seemed to be most of what I was looking for… and he’s been doing a damn fine job, too. So hats off to Vicious for the help and the advice! If you happen to see him in our clan channel (as hulio496) or on the server be sure to say hello :-)

Nexus will defend it’s #1 title on the OGL CCTF ladder tomorrow at 9:00pm EST against the Masters of Destruction… I think :-) I have heard rumors of a possible reschedule but no one from MaD has approached me nor anyone else on the team that I am aware of… so unless something changes we’re still on, baby! :-P This should be a good match indeed… MaD held on to #1 on this ladder for quite awhile. Be sure to check back here soon for the outcome.

The Hardfought server is getting an upgrade tomorrow morning, at around 4:00am CST… *GAH!* It’s the only time available to do this before New Years, so I’ll be going to bed early so I wont look and act like the living dead tomorrow at work. Here’s a list of what changes are taking place…

CPU upgrade – going from dual P3-500’s to dual P3-900’s (socket 370 coppermines)… muhahah :-) Not only will the speed increase be almost double, but the L2 cache speed will be at core speed (900MHz) as opposed to ½ core speed (250MHz) on the older Katmai-class P3’s that are currently installed. If you thought the server was smooth now, just wait…

Team Arena full version port will be brought up on port 27960. This means the CCTF port is going down :-/ Sorry folks, I asked for some more traffic, but it barely happened. I may bring the CCTF port back up once version 1.1 is released. The Team Arena demo port will stay up on port 27999 until New Years… this should give most of ya enough time to purchase the full version.

Rocket Arena III port will be upgraded to 1.27g point release/1.4 RA3 code, as well as a re-worked map rotation script.

The CTF Match port running Q3Comp will also be upgraded to comply with the new point release once the Q3Comp team gets their update finished… probably sometime this weekend. Expect to see a few tweaks to the website here as well right around X-Mas.

Ooooh yeah almost forgot… those pictures that HaDeS and I took at the Babbages CPL tourney this past weekend… you can view them all by following the ‘Pictures’ link to the left :-) Also, the messageboard forums now work again… I had to reboot the webserver the other night because of an OS patch I installed and somehow the Internet Guest account settings changed… ah well. Anyways, you can view and post messages again.

OK… time to catch some zzzzz’s. Until next time…


Babbages CPL weekend update

By K2 on December 15th, 2000 at 11:44 pm EST

No we haven’t forgotten about everyone out there… it’s just been a busy week :-P HaDeS and I have been attending the Babbages CPL Quake3 tournament here in Dallas, TX since early Thursday… we decided to come home early tonight and recharge, so I figured I’d do a quickie news update.

First off… we were ready to go for that rescheduled RA3 match with Damage, Inc but they only had two people available at game time… :-/ So we have yet another forfeit win on that ladder… b0ba placed another challenge for the team, so hopefully we’re up far enough to where the teams actually play on a regular basis.

Masters of Destruction have challenged us on the OGL CCTF ladder… this will be our first attempt to defend our #1 status. Official time is set for next week on Dec. 20th, but there may be possibility of a reschedule… dunno yet.

I now have help watching and actively running the Hardfought CounterStrike port. I’ll reveal the name of our mysterious benefactor soon… I just don’t have time right now to do a proper introduction. Suffice to say he’s been a big help with the server config’s and getting traffic on that port. More soon, I promise.

ID has released their official point release, version 1.27g… like ya didn’t know by now :-P There’s plenty of mirrors available to download the approx. 18 meg file… I know for a fact some of the links to left have the links listed. Also… Team Arena has hit the shelves in some areas today… I’ll be upgrading the server soon… probably leave the demo port up for a just a bit as well until most of you have made the transition. A new version of RA3 has also been released that incorporates the new point release… I’ll be upgrading that port very soon as well.

On the Babbages CPL tourney… HaDeS made the top 8 in the all-female DM 1vs1 competition… she plays one more match tomorrow to see if she’s ranked number 7 or 8… in other words, to see if she gets to come home with a check for $100 or $200 bucks :-) We’ve been taking a TON of pictures… I’d upload them from the event but their network is so shitty I can’t get a decent remote connect to the web server from there :-/ Guess you’ll have to wait for a couple days for pics.

Anyways… time to catch some sleep. See ya soon.