The Playoffs? Part 1

By K2 on March 16th, 2006 at 1:32 pm EST

It’s been an exciting season for Hardfought. There have been some ups and downs but we’ve finally brought it to a close with a very satisfying 8:2 record. Does that mean we’re in the playoffs? Probably. We haven’t received the final invitation from CAL yet but we’re expecting it as the rest of the teams close their seasons.

Sixty-four teams will be chosen from the central conference for the playoff’s based on the following factors (in order of importance).
First, Division Ranking (did they win their division?). Hardfought placed fourth in Central Gamma, behind Just a Game, Extempore and Hard Clan. In the entire conference Hardfought is ranked #10.
Second, Points (Wins count for 2 points, ties for 1 point, losses for 0). Hardfought has 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 forfeit win.
Last is RPI. This is a ranking system that takes into account strength of schedule in deciding where a team stands. Hardfought’s current RPI is 0.692. Hardfought ranks 19th based solely on RPI in the central conference.

Teams are required to have no forfeit losses and no more than one forfeit wins. Up until last night Hardfought had 2 forfeit wins. The first was de_dust2 from week 1 and the second was de_contra on week 8. Burzum obtained permission from CAL to makeup week 1 with Virtual Assassins who was good enough to oblige us.

The match got off to a decent start with Hardfought winning their first pistol round in many weeks. Shade’s awesome strategies kept them guessing and let HF end the half with 13 points on the board. The CT started a little rough with VA putting up a few points in the first 5 or 6 rounds. But HF got their momentum back and rolled VA 9-6 for a final score of 22-8.

“Thanks again to Team Virtual Assassins for playing this makeup match with us. It’s been a huge help and we had fun both pre-game and during the match. They’re a good bunch of guys. Be sure to checkout their channel: #virtualassassins” ~Burzum

Roster: Shade, Bl0wn, Predator, Doubledown and Burzum.

MVP: Predator who dropped a 24 as a Terrorist and a whopping 33 on the CT side. It’s not all about the kills…but they sure do help.