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Merry Christmas!!

By K2 on December 25th, 2012 at 11:36 am EST

Merry Christmas!! Just wanted to put that out real quick while I had a moment. It’s mini-K2’s first Christmas this year and she had a very exciting time. Out of everything she got, it was the mallet from the xylophone that was the biggest hit. And the wrapping paper :)

So merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new years also.

Mini-K2 is a girl!

By K2 on September 19th, 2011 at 3:23 pm EST

If you’ve read any of the posts here from this summer, then ya know that my wife and I are having our first (and last, hah) baby. We found out this morning that we are definitely having a baby girl ;) Went in for our 20 week ultrasound and our baby decided to play nice and cooperate with the doc and not try to hide anything heheh, so yeah it’s definitely a girl. We have a name picked out already, but Jenn asked me to keep it under wraps until she’s born. Due date is on or around February 13th. The doctor also checked a whole list of things, making sure our lil mini-K2 is OK – got a clean bill of health from the doc, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Pretty excited at the moment… wondering how soon you can teach a kid to use a mouse and keyboard :-P

I’ll post a video of the ultrasound in the forum thread with this post, it’s pretty cool. Woot!!