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Folding@Home with Team Hardfought

By K2 on May 10th, 2009 at 7:07 am EST

Hiya gang. Just a heads up about Hardfought’s participation with the Folding@Home project. Jenn and I both have upped our work unit output considerably since we started using the GPU client as well as running the normal CPU in conjunction with it. Nad has joined the team as well as a couple others… our ranking has climbed about 60 points over the last couple weeks and continues to rise. You can see our team stats to the bottom right of the news posts – we could break back into the top 1000 if we could garner some more participation.

Soooo… for those of ya that have never folded with us before, or have but stopped for whatever reason, join our team and start folding with us. Our team number is 46304 and it’s simple to join. It’s for a great cause, helping scientists figure out all of the different ways various proteins ‘fold’ so that we can better understand how they interact with other proteins, help find cures for all sorts of diseases. So join up! Put those idle hours your computer sits and does nothing to some good use.

Other news – I have 30 days from this post until I am officially done with active duty in the Army. Muhahah ;-) Almost all the pics I took while in Iraq my second time around have been posted in the gallery, so have a look if you’re interested. Also, go see the new Star Trek movie… it fuckin’ rocks. Cya.