Relief Fund Help, unwarranted racism

By K2 on September 13th, 2001 at 8:01 am EST

Hey gang, I came across this last night when checking my PayPal account as well as seeing this at [H]ardOCP…

PayPal has set up a relief fund to where 100% of all the proceeds donated go to the National Disaster Relief Fund (click on the words ‘relief fund’ to access it). So far over $330,000 has been raised by this method. Everything I had in my PayPal account, I sent over. It wasn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme of things but it’s something at least… and since most of what I had in my PayPal account was money *you* guys n’ gals had sent me as donations for Hardfought… well, it’s safe to say we all just donated to help. So what are you waiting for? Donate something, please, even if it’s just five bucks… every lil bit will help.

OK… something I wanna touch base on with everyone that plays on Hardfought. I know anger and grief are still high over what happened Tuesday. I’m sure you’ve all heard reports of Arab and Muslim groups receiving threatening phone calls and being harassed and even attacked in the streets and so forth. Now, what I’m starting to see are people logging into the server with names like ‘Muslims should die’ or ‘Arabs Leave Now’ and that kinda bullshit. Most of you know my stance on racism so my next words shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you – if I catch you on the server using a name or saying words to the effect that is derogatory in any way to Arabs, Muslims, or anyone for that matter, I’ll fuckin’ ban you outright permanently. I’m instructing my admins to do the same.

Guess what folks – the terrorists who did those terrible and evil acts a couple days ago may very well have been Muslim and/or of Arab decent, and may even be supported by one of those Middle Eastern countries. However… the actions of a few people or even a nations government does NOT speak for an entire race of people. That some people are that fucking stupid to attack others by association only like that is beyond me… you’re no better than the people who commit these crimes, because in the eyes of those terrorists, because we’re from America, well then we all must be attacked via terrorist attacks and die horrible deaths… right?

Think about that one for just a minute.