Quick news blurb Friday

By K2 on March 9th, 2001 at 4:51 pm EST

Just a couple interesting news bits for this afternoon… YES, we are all still experiencing the dreaded ‘WON id 0’ bug that Valve has thrust upon the Half Life and assorted mods community. They had projected having their WON id servers updated by yesterday but that’s obviously not the case :-) So just a reminder… if you are somehow mysteriously banned from the CS port, just keep trying to reconnect. If you are somehow gagged, just inform an admin to ungag you (that’s a bug with Adminmod and how it deals with seeing a WON id of zero).

I’ve recently set up an IRC channel for Hardfought, on both the EnterTheGame.com and GamesNet.net IRC network… channel name is #hardfought. I’ve set up a sort of win32-based eggdrop bot in the channel on each network that relays what’s said in the channel between both networks. What does that mean exactly? It means if you’re on GamesNet.net you can go to the #hardfought channel and people in the channel over on ETG can see what you’re saying and interact with you, and vice versa. Neat, eh? :-) Soooo… if you’re an IRC junkie like myself, feel free to hang out in the Hardfought IRC channel. All of the Hardfought admins are there if you need help with anything, or if you just wanna chat.

Nexus has had to reschedule it’s OGL CCTF match with MaD for a later date… due to some miscommunication on their end, they didn’t have enough people to play. We’ll be finalizing the new match date/time this evening… match should happen soon.

Gonna go spruce up our ‘Battles’ and ‘Files’ section now… see ya around.