By K2 on November 1st, 2009 at 7:23 am EST

Yeah, let’s post some news! Heh, so what is there to tell? Not a whole lot HF-wise… game servers are still down, and I still need to finish the website look n’ feel after the OnePress debacle. That’s about it. On a personal note though, things have been going well. I’m back in college and making A’s, Jenn loves her new job, we made a new addition to the family six weeks ago in the form of a very intelligent and trouble-making German Shepherd pup named ‘Koa’, and Jenn and I are celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary today. I actually get to be here for this one ;-)

Anyways. Hope that all of you have been doing well also, and that ya have fun during the upcoming holidays. I will be learning how to snowboard, heh ;-) Until next time…

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6 thoughts on “News!!”

  1. Avatar Best_predator says:

    Im glad to hear that :)

  2. Avatar Maverick says:

    Bout time biotch!

    I’ve been thinking about getting a German Shepherd too, once we need to replace our pair of Border Terriers.

  3. Avatar Burzum says:

    I can’t believe you’ve been married 3 years! It’s crazy how time flies!

  4. Avatar K2 says:

    Mav – GSD’s are awesome. Koa turns 16 wks old tomorrow and she’s already 32lbs. Big dog ;) And she’s very intelligent, almost TOO smart, heh.

    Burz – ya I know right? In a few yrs you’ll see a ‘mini-K2’ post probably lol :P

  5. Avatar EatMoreLead says:

    Congrats on 3 years!

  6. Avatar Burzum says:

    Oddly enough I’m single as of a couple months ago. Yay 9 years down the drain :D At least I can make the next LAN Party.

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