New year coming, new changes

By K2 on December 24th, 2005 at 7:06 pm EST

Just to keep everyone in the loop with what’s happened with the CS:S server, and what’s about to happen with everything overall…

Last night was somewhat of a revelation. I’m not gonna go into this big long drawn-out post about it, suffice it to say that playing FPS games isn’t what it used to be for me (read: fun). So long story short is this – last few weeks I’ve been acting like a dick when playing online, due to various factors. Way too much stress over something that really isn’t significant. So… buh-bye that which was causing said stress. The CS:S server has been moved over to the box that we run for free down in Houston, TX (IP: so as to not piss everyone completely off, and the private match server has been left intact as well, so that team Hardfought can continue. DoD:S – gone. BF2 and BF2:SF will be no more by around Jan 2nd-3rd sometime. I sent in notice to my game server provider to cancel my account at the end of this month… I will no longer pay for something that is no longer any fun in my eyes and causes more problems than not. Even with the benefactors helping out with costs each month… the stress-to-cost ratio just isn’t worth it.

Went ahead and erased Steam and every other FPS game I had installed off of my computer. As far as gaming goes, I think I’ll stick to the games that were always fun to me and always presented a fair challenge – RTS/RPG-type games. But you wont see me hosting anymore FPS games directly, at least not for a long while, and definitely nothing that I’d have to pay out-of-pocket for on a monthly basis.

Does this mean that Hardfought is gone? Hardly… we’ve weathered worse changes than this, believe me. Things have been taken down a notch perhaps… that will be up to all of you who call this place home and care about the community that’s been formed here over the years. HF LAN #7 is still good to go, on the same dates I mentioned earlier on the boards (June 30th – July 2nd), but maybe not with the grandiose vision I had in store starting out. Thinkin’ we may just go back to the way the first lan parties were – regulars and those that wanted to become regs, only.

Anyways… you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Me, I’m gonna enjoy my xmas for once (was in Iraq this time last year, hah) here on the north shores of O’ahu, enjoyin’ the surf, the sun, in the company of some good friends.

See ya around gang…