Memorial Day weekend!!

By K2 on May 25th, 2001 at 5:17 pm EST

Heya folks… w0oP!! Weekend is here baby! Don’t have to work again ’til Tuesday :-P

Some Hardfought CounterStrike news for ya… Take a look over to the right, second box from the top. Move your mouse pointer over ‘custom.hpk file’ … oh hey look, a link! :-) Due to most all of the regulars asking for downloads to be turned off on the CS public port, I’m making the custom.hpk file available for public download so you can see all of the sprays in use on the port. It’ll be updated regularly as people send me more decals for approval. To install – just download the file and drop it in your ..\cstrike folder… it’s that simple.

Hardfought CS Invitational Tournament news – new link on the left in yellow, you can’t miss it. I finished the double-elimination brackets and structure last night, as well as seeding all the teams (this was done randomly, thanks to my lovely assistant HaDeS drawing each team’s name from a hat ;-) ). Be sure to check the msgboard forums here for a bit more details on how things are progressing. The team standings will soon have much more info… you’ll be able to click on each clan’s name to get team info, website links, members and current win/loss record in regards to the tournament… just to name a few :-) I still have work to do on it still, so check back often. Official rules as well as maps to be played per round will be sent off to all team representatives either tonight or tomorrow morning, and then that information will be displayed here soon after. I see a lot of typing for me to do in the immediate future :-P

That’s all I have for ya today peeps. CyBorge, from the Nexus clan CCTF team, is here in Dallas for the holidays with his brother… I’m supposed to pick him up here in about ½ an hour. Maybe I can take a picture of him while he’s sleepin’ and post it on the web… muhahah >;-) Have a safe and happy weekend everyone… see ya soon.