News, news… and more news

By K2 on May 21st, 2001 at 4:27 pm EST

Oh DAMN I know it’s been way too long since my last news post… bleh. At least I have a bunch of stuff to tell everyone about…

New members to the clan always get top billing around here. Clan Nexus is proud to announce two more members to the group – CryptiC and Cougar. CryptiC is joining our Quake3 CCTF team, while Cougar will be rounding out our newly formed CounterStrike squad. Welcome aboard fellas! Be sure to tell each of them congrats the next time you see ’em around and about.

Some good news about the Hardfought server reservation system… PUPPY finally came up with a solution to the join password chosen during a made reservation not staying during map changes on the CS match port. The new and improved system is up and running as I type. We’ve tested it extensively and ironed out all of the relevant bugs. So… from here on out, *any* reservation made for the Hardfought CS Match port – whatever password you select *will* be the join password to that server for the entire duration of your time reserved. Not kidding… it works this time :-) Soon we’ll enable this to work on the Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM Match port as well, and we’re already testing a version that will announce warning messages in-game when your reservation time is about to expire. Special thanks out to PUPPY for taking time off to help get this working correctly… good job, man ;-)

Server additions – yet once again, I’ve resurrected the Hardfought Quake3 Classic CTF port… same IP, port 27960. This was done in anticipation of the much-anticipated version 2.0 of that mod to be released soon, as well as the recently released Threewave Compilation Map Pack… all nine of the maps in this new map pack are available for play on the CCTF port. This map pack has some extremely well-made maps in it… be sure to download it from our ‘Files’ section and give them a try.

Latest results from our last voting poll shows that the majority of you would like the ability to vote in both awp weapon restriction as well as voting in pistol-only rounds on the public CS port. I was going to enable that script, however, it spams *way* too much info to the client… like every minute it calls for a vote. I’d still like to add this script to the CS public port, but until it’s been redone, I figure we can do without. I’ll be starting another voting poll soon… just need to decide what questions to ask :-) Oh yeah… just an FYI for ya – map voting on the CS public port has been changed slightly. It still only takes 40% of the players on the server to initiate a map change, but the voting frequency has been changed from once every 5 minutes to once every 20 minutes… this should cut down drastically on the amount of spam map-voting that I’ve seen players complain about. Hopefully no more maps that last only 5 minutes each time they’re loaded.

Ok… last but not least… the Hardfought CounterStrike Invitational Tournament news update. Yesterday I listed on the msgboard forums here the clans that have been chosen for the tournament. Those clans are pX, KD, FDA, ExE, VV, wtf, LCD, 3dL, HFC, db, TsK and nx. Most of those clans have already sent me the required info I need to help kick this off in a timely manner. For those that haven’t – I need your info by the end of this week. If I have not received confirmation by then, your spot will be taken, and we do have a waiting list of clans wishing to participate. Official rules and the maps chosen for the tournament will be posted here soon, as well as sent out to each clan representative. If everything goes smoothly, we should be able to kick this tourney off sometime around the first week of June :-) Stay tuned for *much* more info about the tournament soon, and good luck to all of the clans who have been chosen!

That’s all for now… and I promise another news post soon, like in the next couple days… heh :-P Gonna update the clan roster as well as clean up some other areas of the website. See ya online folks…