I’m home

By K2 on February 24th, 2009 at 3:15 pm EST

Hi all. Finally made it back home from Iraq. No more deployments, no more runnin’ off to third-world countries to protect corporate oil interests protect our freedom. Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back on the thread that Jenn started on the msgboard.

So… what’s in store now that I’m back? Not too much as of now… I have updated a few things, such as the news posting backend script, and OMG yes there’s a new voting poll as well. There are a couple bugs and updates I need to do with the msgboard as well, but luckily nothing major. Eventually I want to revamp the entire site, and write a new page from scratch. That should be plenty to knock the rust of these old coding skills, and give HF a much-needed face lift. Time to join the rest of the 21st century and journey into the realm of Web 2.0 ;-)

Will Hardfought ever host a gaming server again? I just dunno. I have the servers back from Boomhauer, and I’ll be moving stateside to Vermont here this summer (I get out of the Army on June 10th). I actually found myself trolling online for dedicated hosting sites in VT, gah! Bottom line is this though – if I can’t host for free, it’s not gonna happen. Jenn and I are building a new house, I am starting school full-time in the fall, and the subsequent pay cut I’m taking along with every spare penny going towards the new home… it’s either free hosting or no hosting. I know some of ya are gonna ask, so there’s your answer ;-)

It’s good to be home. See you guys online.

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