Hot damn, it’s April news

By K2 on April 9th, 2002 at 9:33 am EST

Hello there peeps. Sorry for the gap in news posts… like that’s anything new :-) Let’s see what we got goin’ on here today…

In my last post many many moons ago I had stated I was going to pretty much retire from playing DAoC. Well, a few days after that post my guildmates coaxed me out to participate in a relic raid against the realm of Albion. It was the most fun I’d had with the game in a long while. So much so that I’m playing again. Soooo… ignore that last post about me quitting the game :-P I also tossed up another DAoC related item on the main page here which shows some guild-specific info, and updated pretty regularly. Our character count is exaggerated still, due to people quitting from months ago and Mythic’s database not taking that into account. So our roster of active players is really about half that of what’s shown.

And speaking of the roster and active members… we’ve opened up recruitment here for the Hardfought DAoC guild. The only main criteria are that you 1) get along with everyone and are generally nice and 2) are active. If you’re interested, find myself or any of the other Hardfought crew in-game and we’ll see what happens from there. Oh, speaking of rosters – I have one made. Sorta. It works an all, but the formatting is all messed up at the moment. I’ll make it public once I iron out that and a couple other issues with it.

In general – not much else really. Spring is here, that’s good. Also means it’s tornado season for those of us here in tornado ally… heh :-) I saw Blade II finally about a week ago… was good, coulda been better though in my opinion. Still worth paying box-office prices to see, though.

Well, gonna wrap up this post, and try to download the new 1.49 patch for DAoC before lunch… it’s a big one. See you all online.