Is it May already?

By K2 on May 1st, 2002 at 11:38 am EST

Hell yeah it is… this year has gone by super-fast so far. It’ll be Christmas time again before ya know it ;-)

A lot of been going on the past few weeks. The Hardfought DAoC guild has made quite a few strides in many areas, as a group and for each individual. First off lemme officially welcome our newest members to the fold. We now have Emoswa, Dairius, Thranal and Eriehan as part of our lil dysfunctional family :-P Welcome aboard fellas!! Next time you see these guys online please give ’em a big round of applause… the screening process to get in was a difficult one, with the last phase being locked inside Svasud Faste with Geat for 12 hours, who hadn’t had any action for two months except for some questionable relations with a rabid spectral hog.

Seriously :-)

The Hardfought clan has also made it’s way into Guinevere Midgard’s top all-time guilds, based on realm points. We’ve been neck and neck with The Harbringers for the past couple weeks but I think we got a solid lead now, hopefully we can stay in the top 25 for awhile. As a group we’ve been getting a lot more RvR experience and when our healing class players hit level 40 I got a feeling we’re gonna take off. I think Sage (a.k.a Qiand) is the only one of us with any practical siege weapon experience… maybe we oughta remedy that :-P

Something else you may be interested in DAoC-wise… I was recently challenged to a duel by Johannas, the GM from Albion’s guild Blood and Iron. Johannas is played by GoatX12… you old-timers from around here should remember that name ;-) He’s a level 47 polearm-wielding, plate-wearing armsman. We all know those types of armsman are greatly feared on the field of battle, and to be honest I didn’t think I’d have a chance at winning… I play a 46th level dwarf warrior, and use an axe of all things (that means I have a penalty to damage against plate). Well, things didn’t quite turn out the way Blood and Iron expected – I pretty much steam-rolled Johannas in about 30 seconds :-) He put up a damn good fight though, and he hit’s *hard*, was a good fight indeed. We were both buffed up… there will be a rematch soon, with neither of us having any buffs or anything. I’ll post a time/date when that happens. Our new ‘Picture of the Day’ shows the aftermath of the battle (both me and Johannas had our guilds show up for support) and here’s a couple more pics for ya to drool over… and who says warriors are gimped. Pfft! :-P

Alright, what else we got goin’ on here… oh yeah. Mythic announced a PvP server to be opened up in the next couple of months. A few of us from the Guinevere server decided to start up an evil-aligned guild for it, called Malevolence. The website associated with this new guild is at and is hosted right on the same box as this site here. I’m one of the officers in this new PvP guild, if you’re interested in joining up, post a message on the msgboard there.

One last item of business before I wrap this up – I just announced this morning that I am starting a Guinevere ‘who’s who’ picture gallery… a thread was started on the Camelot VN msgboard asking what people looked like and the replies and picture posts were pretty impressive. A few people asked about maybe getting a dedicated site going for the pictures so I figured what the flip, I’ll do it :-) Sooo… if you play on the Guinevere server and want your real-life picture posted here, send ’em to – I’ll get ’em posted and labeled and everything.

That’s all for now, see you online gang.