Hardfought is on de_cpl_fire!

By K2 on February 28th, 2006 at 11:08 am EST

Last night’s match was against Abusive Gaming. They’re a good group of skilled players whose only loss up until this point was against the CAL-M move down ‘Hard Clan’. “We worked hard this week because we knew our opponents are first rate. The guys did a great job, made their shots and really showed what we mean by Hard-Fought” said Burzum as he typed up this news post.

Pre-match practice was rough. Shade (the team’s strat caller) is out for the rest of the season after a training injury. (yes, we really do practice hard) X-Rays show a broken hand requiring a cast that makes it impossible to grasp a mouse. Doctors are hopeful that he’ll make a full recovery and be back in the action in as little as six weeks.

Regardless of the team’s setbacks, Hardfought made a strong showing as they started as Terrorists on de_cpl_fire. The first round resulted in a flawless execution of Hardfought’s heavily practiced pistol round strat. AbusiveGaming’s strat caller didn’t take that sitting down. He ordered a “buy light” and caught Hardfought severely off-guard. Sandbox, who took over strat calling for shade, stepped up with some clever, hard hitting and often sneaky strats to close out the T side 9-6 with HF in the lead.

The second half got off to a shaky start with AbusiveGaming putting up a lot of points in a hurry. They got multiple bomb plants including an impressive plant by HmMm who found himself 1v4 and surrounded. He was able to break through the line, get a kill and get the bomb planted before he was finally put down. With the score 4-4 Hardfought said “nu-uh” and shut them down for a win out of 11-4, in which Sandbox made two exciting clutches.

Week 6 starters: Sandbox, Predator, Bl0wn, FFW Mayo and Doubledown.

Predator for having double the T frags of anyone on either team even after missing practice.
Sandbox for his Terrorist side strats and his CT clutches.

Final Score: Hardfought over Abusive Gaming 20-10

That puts Hardfought Clan in the Top 10 of their division with a three game winning streak.

gg Abusive Gaming!

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