Hardfought BF2

By Suck. on June 24th, 2005 at 10:51 pm EST

Hardfought has updated its BF2 demo server to a full Battlefield 2 server as of Wednesday the 22nd: Hardfought BF2 is a 32 player server located at Friendly fire and TK punishment are enabled, as are PunkBuster and VoIP in-game voicecomm. There is no time limit, and there are two rounds per map with 100% ticket ratios.

We are still running a BF2 Demo server though for those of you who are still undecided as to whether you’d like to buy the game: Hardfought BF2 Public Demo is a 32 player server located at The above information carries over, except that there there is a standard 12 minute map timer imposed by the demo.

Our BF2 server is a work in progress. Currently, we are running the full map cycle, but we would like to narrow this down. Settings are also open to tweaking. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for maps you would or would not like to see in a final rotation and settings you would like to see adjusted.

In addition, we’re still on the lookout for potential BF2 admins. One of the best ways to promote yourself as an admin is to help us get to know you. You can do this over the message forums, but especially over IRC. You can find us on GameSurge IRC in channel #hardfought, or if GameSurge is down, on our own IRC server at irc.hardfought.org in channel #hardfought.

Finally, as of this news post, there are only 5 spots remaining for Hardfought LAN #6. If you’re interested in coming, sign up now or never.