Happy Easter!!

By K2 on April 15th, 2001 at 9:29 pm EST

Happy Easter folks… hope you had a good one. Tip of the day – don’t eat the multi-colored eggs…

Nexus played our OGL CCTF match against the Masters at Destruction last Friday night… we defended our #1 title again, defeating MaD 16-5. Representing Nexus was myself, HaDeS, b0ba and bob (hey look, bob is back :-P). The match was actually pretty good except for two things… 1) HaDeS kept disconnecting to the point where she couldn’t play anymore and CyBorge had to take over for her, and 2) MaD.Jaguar decided to make a complete fool of himself during and after the match by claiming that HaDeS was actually a ringer, we were hacking his system during the match, and that b0ba was using a bot. Hrmm… someone can’t handle losing too well, can they… ROFL!! Fortunately the rest of Jaguar’s teammates did not share his views… the rest of clan MaD were very good sports about the whole thing, so good game to you MaD, well fought. A spectator demo and also a demo from my perspective can be found in our ‘Files’ section and as always, a screenshot can be found in our ‘Battles’ area. Oh yeah… check out this msgboard thread about the whole deal – http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~cctf/ubb-cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=000535 … interesting read :-)

YES I finally put the new custom maps up on the Hardfought CounterStrike ports… which most of ya have already found out I imagine. So dammit, go download them if ya haven’t already! :-P I’ve also installed a new TK monitor on the pub CS port, called CSCop… and it’s bad-ass. I like it much better than ServerSpy, plus it’s free, plus you can write your own custom scripts for it if you know visual basic. There’s still one or two things I wish it did that it doesn’t do right now, but I suppose I should just learn VB so I can make my own scripts eh? :-) If someone TK’s you on accident, just type ‘forgive tk’ in chat mode and CSCop will forgive the person that TK’ed you… and no, there isn’t a ‘punish tk’ feature ;-)

To wrap up… HaDeS and I went to the CPL/Speakeasy.net CounterStrike Tournament Friday night after our CCTF match to take a look around. Not quite as big as the Babbages event, but it was still pretty cool… several hundred CS players from around the world to play CounterStrike (and Tribes2, and Quake1/2/3, and Black & White, etc). I’d post pics… but really, most of them would look just like the Babbages pics I took… oh well.

Have a good weekend gang, catch ya later…