Web site back home, new CS maps, etc

By K2 on April 10th, 2001 at 9:55 pm EST

Wow… the DNS update for nexus.hardfought.org happened much earlier than anticipated. Had to bring the web content back home about four hours early :-) Everything appears to be in working order, including the game stats… I’m sure everyone is happy to see those back up and running ;-) If ya happen to notice anything not working as it should (msgboard not posting messages, reservation database not accepting reservations) please lemme know. Ok… on to the news…

You remember those custom maps I mentioned a couple weeks ago… you know, the ones you’re supposed to download ASAP because they were gonna be added to the CS server soon? Heheh… no I didn’t forget about them. I will be putting them up on the server tomorrow afternoon. In case you forgot what they were, here’s the list – as_forest, cs_office_old, and the es_ map pack, which includes es_frantic, es_trinity, es_cabor, es_cell, es_hide, es_jail, es_raid and es_village. These maps are still available for download in our ‘Files’ section, so if ya haven’t already… go get ’em.

The Hardfought CounterStrike public and match ports were upgraded today… first, both were patched to CS 1.1c… this fixes a bug to where players could use a certain exploit to make themselves invulnerable. Also… Adminmod has been upgraded to 2.50c on both ports, and I’ve also installed a few custom scripts on each. Friendly fire is still votable on the match port, and both spam more information to players as they log in. There’s a couple more scripts, but they are admin-only :-)

Nexus has an OGL CCTF match coming up at the end of this week. I’ll post news about the outcome of it later this week, along with some other juicy tidbits :-P See ya online…